Monday, May 16, 2011

'love' is just a 4 lettered word with great responsibilities

be careful when you say 'love you' you may just say it and not mean it.
if you really do love somebody, you will say it to that somebody even if the public does not know
;you will say it even if you are not talking to that person ever again
;you will know what to do.

childish death stares over some cupcake today, I really never felt so little of myself till this french ang-moh reigned over my will. I have lost all pride and ego ever since.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am so afraid.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Actually it is good that all of us has parted. I guess it has been what all of you have always wanted. No one would have thought that all would have chosen love over friendship. Its okay that I am the outcasted one. Friends come and go. In my case, my best friends stayed and left instantly. Any old how, since the beginning I was the one that have not been accepted. All of you can't live without a partner cause all of you are so lost when you are alone. To be rich and famous, were all of your goals. To fit in, I tried to make it mine too. For someone to always break up with one person and head into another relationship instantly, is wrong. (No one figures out or respects moral rights anymore do they?) No worries, its always good to have fun. Everyone asks me 'how am I' and what nots that happened. It is such a childish matter, I wish I can just not be involved in this childish behavior. I cannot cause I was being a friend and you guys were not to me.
That's right! How you three can live happily among yourselves and not feel anything for me is because you guys just thought about yourselves. Stop all that bullshit about missing me and this friendship! If you really do, you would have the courage to approach me. Only I have been feeling this misery cause I was being the friend from the beginning and you guys weren't.

Good luck! Cause all of you are living off God so you need luck badly.
our love was lost...


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