Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Class of 2009

BB camera quality = 0

random note

I am feeling deprived and sad and miserable
but earlier in the day I felt privileged proud or myself of everything that I was doing
now, miserable and misfit and not what I expect my life to be
'why' is such a bad word

Monday, May 25, 2009


#all in one
the scratched BB the short fringe and the "fashion squad" - which was not fun after all YET (I suppose)
boo to $ :'(


a scratch on my BB
a shorter fringe
a first day at TOPSHOP

catch you people later!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was so childish yesterday, I got angry with mommy for not letting me drive her car out to the "mama" store to buy tidbits and I can't tell her that Janell allowed me to drive her Stream.
just now when she picked me from outside, she asked if I want to drive. I was so excited!!!
I drove in :) but you should actually see the face of my mother! HAHAHAHAHA

Priceless. I tell you. Priceless!
She was panicky and nervous and scared and pale.
and very Kan-chiong!!! ( which I don't like ) :( I was like screaming and laughing at her and she screaming at me not to talk but drive! HHAHAHAHAHA

love me mother mother

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So Cobra Starship

6th day of my 3rd week of May

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAIIII !!!! love love love you!!! Finally LEGALLL Party yea! (no excuses!)

all I did was to go ssdc then raffles city.
amk central sells fabric and zippers and materials!!!
sweltering weather!
bubble tea, an orange and a prune.
two movies with grey's characters in them, "eva"(jane doe) and "mcsteamy"(sloan) {thats if you watch Grey's right Suzi?} figure them out
the cousin came over to join me.
watched AFC and Sugar is such a bad hosting show. (opps!)
pavaola, made us feel like eating marshmellows!
I drove to the mama stall.
came back and made a IRREGULAR FATTENING MEAL! (which practically covers up all the things I ate in the day and more)
toasted marshmellows with milo powder/nutella = ♥power!
bee hoon and tutu piring :\
then back down on the lazy couch to watch project runway [how inspiring :> ]
and another Jennifer Aniston flick on televison

awesome saturday! lols

Thursday, May 14, 2009

+ = big time LS :\ & a painful asshole

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


joycyl - BlackBerry♥ !!!! says (11:27 PM):
joy's latest new toy = blackberry
josh's lastest new toy = porsche

life is just GREAT

Thank You God !!!!
Because I prayed yesterday :) I got a few slots I can replace for my long awaited other slots !!! :)
Thank You God! Love You VERY MUCH!!!
I hope my other prayers are resolved too. Especially the $ issue :( love love love to heaven and back to earth and back to heaven and down again as far as I can go I love You that much!!!
I pray I pass my Theory Trial Test tomorrow !!! :\ I promise I will read the book tomorrow while waiting for my lesson to start ♥♥♥
p.s// watch over daddy now

Monday, May 11, 2009


Auto Transmission Vehicle
Joy took her Auto Transmission
Lesson today It was fun but she
felt that her left foot was rather
redundant and prays and hopes
that when her dad leaves for
guten tag provinces her mom
would allow her to drive out at
least to the mama store however
Joy is still sad ): as Nisa is so much
faster than her in driving :( and
Joy started earlier shit shit shit
all the booked slots :'( :'( :'(

Dear God,
I hope I can get trysell lessons
mostly on Mondays as well as
other days that I am free la
and I hope and not end my last
lesson so late and hope to get an
early Traffic Police Test date and
I can pass my Theory Trial Test
then pass my Final Theory Test
then pass my Traffic Police Test
on my first ever attempt (please!)
Thank You God for giving me this
thing to drive and I love You!!!
I know I have not been a good child
but everything in your eyes I know
You have forgiven me :) (love you!)
In Your precious name...
OH! And.. aiya I pray for Nisa also
if she passes before me I know she's
better but watch over her too :|
I am closing this prayer!!!
Oh! Watch over Sarah in Aussie land
I pray I'll have $$$ to visit her in Sep
watch over Chloe too as she comes back
TIME management. Thank You God! That
You give Vanessa she'll definitely repay you
LOVE YOU GOD! ouhhh and my Parents!!
Watch over daddy! I pray he gets $$ over in
Guten Tag island and I'll ask him to talk to You
when he's over there guide him okay? God?
love love love tons! Watch over my house
and my family members Thank You
Thank You! I think I am done already God.
The rest I'll ttyl :> xoxo ♥♥♥ YOU!!!

OUH! Bryant!
I am really sorry
sincerely sorry
for the other day :(
heard BB had his fun ..
ouhh we skipped work too
damn fu*king guilty and
it maybe the fun-est house
party yet but I am never
ever going to play circle
of death if I drink earlier
at the party and won $1
in poker :\

Milo-Dinosaur house's Partyyy

p.s/ more pictures on FB

best house party ever!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

THE BOLD !!! :>

Friday, May 1, 2009

happy nineteenth ZAMZAM!

hello my name is dinosaur; you can call me fork

for more pictures you can go to:



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