Friday, September 28, 2012


I cannot wait for the last day of September to be here.
We are going to have super yummylicious ice-cream!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


haha.. everything that has been happening for the past few weeks just makes me wanna go for a simple 'haha'.

should be approximately right after I have mentioned about him having no initiative, he still doesn't have any initiative. Okay, I maybe too hard on him (no pun-intentions) he did call me soon after and talk about the matter - just because he was confused as well and could not go to bed. Genius! I am quite glad that the issue have kind of settled on a mutual understanding between both of us. haiya, he still hasn't asked me out. I have to always make the first move. tsk. However, I think we are doing fine? I do not know if that punctuation is appropriate.. So if you would like to be k-po and ask how are we two going about.. let me fill you in and give you a draft timetable:

Monday - Whatsapp
Tuesday - Whatsapp
Wednesday - Whatsapp
Thursday - Whatsapp
Friday - Whatsapp
Saturday - Whatsapp till a later time
Sunday - Whatsapp till a later time, as compared to Saturday
(& sometimes I initiate to meet on Sundays)

p.s/ if you are living in stone-age. fyi, Whatsapp is a messaging tool running on 3G technology available on Apple, Blackberry, Andrioid & Windows phones.

I think I am kind of a vulnerable person when it comes to relationships. Just to clear the air, I do not need a title to a relationships I am in. You like then 'like' luh! But I guess I am pretty much a needy person. If I am into you, I would like to spend a lot of time together. That is probably the only thing that I would kind of expect in a relationship. But I am not getting that. haha. I also feel like when I am into someone, I do a lot of things for that person. Yes yes, I am kind of a sentimental person. Oh well.. Things always do not go the way you want it, isn't it so?

Surprise!! Recently, was the boy's birthday. I baked cupcakes and all, cheesy max. At least, I did not bake a cheese cupcake. I could tell that he was appreciative - happy thing (yay!). The cream icing was so horrible to eat but he enjoyed the cake. His friends celebrated for him with an alcoholic party. It was mad cray! He left in the style of batman. tsk tsk tsk. Go figure.

"who am I to you?"
"I don't know you tell me."
"I asked you first"
"it doesn't mean that I will have to answer you first"
                "what do you mean by who are you to me?"
                          "like as a person?"
"oh nvm"
"just say"
"who am I to you luh"
"hahahahahaha I don't know..."
(you get the drift and hidden agendas)

Oh gawd please save the queen. Now you would like me to DTR? haha I know times have change and whatnots. I still believe in the traditional way whereby the guy would actually ask the girl first and the guy admitting before the girl does. That is more appropriate right?

Am I too headstrong that all guys are kinda "afraid" of me? Why do I have to be the guy in every relationship I am in.
(I literally sighed after typing that sentence)

its exactly what I told my mother, Singaporean boys these days are really really different from her generation. There is indeed no 'elegance' in men these days. I do not even like calling them men anymore, all of them are boys to me.

back to him. I feel comfortable with him 'cept the fact that he is all just skins and bones & he keeps telling me that he likes a fatty me - SIAO ONE! This kind of guy SIAO ONE! Where to find? haha
We can talk I would say? Yes/No? Alright luh. I just love sitting by him and let time pass us by..

if you are in love with someone, you two can just sit somewhere, in silence, a few small talks, flirtatious behaviours, nothing more - simple pleasures in life.

Monday, September 10, 2012

brave up

staying a little confused in this whole situation that is going on its like I wouldn't wanna call it a game because I do not treat this like a game and I think now I have actually decided.

I might wanna take this seriously.

 after whatever that has happened and we have actually been communicating for the pass week or so and I do not see where this is going. am I over-thinking things? cause I actually do that a lot. people do not have be good at anything to have feelings for somebody. it just takes the heart.

is it me? me, that have not actually played a part of this __ relationship that I have been imagining the whole time. or are we in a situation whereby we are just shy/embarrass/introverted/egoistic/... but I am quite sure. quite sure that there definitely is something between us. some days we are just so cute together. some days we are just speechless. all the other days just mundane. I like all our days.

please ask me out? the frugal you don't have to spend any money.

I am seriously getting impatient and I do not know if I will wanna wait for your next move or if I would wanna stay on and reconsider my feelings for you. I know you have never been through such a thing and you will need time. courage is what you need, that I really do not know if its true. I am actually ready for something new to happen in my life would expect someone new in my life. there, I said it. go figure.

things cannot stay stagnant forever.

we have got to move on.

what happened to that person that held my hand under those sheets?

I guess I'll just be waiting..


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

if only....

... I was tall enough
... rich to be a bummer
... I can travel everyday
... leave whenever I feel like it
... I do not have to work under someone
... bake all day
... I can start something on my own
... things would not need large capitals
... I can quit my job now
... my family problems are much simpler
... I am what everyone imagined me to be

and hello again.. I just came back from the land of canto-pop - it has been changed to the land of mainland invasion. They are just everywhere!
I miss Hong Kong already.
I wanna live there forever!!! (I know I say that for every country I come back from) The food there is really a-maz-zing! The people does need a little encouragement and some mannerism. However I must say, the standard of living there is really up there. Like up-there. No-kidd. 
the Hong Kong boys are no joke as well. (so are the girls) I like seeing all the gangsters and the bright lights in the city. I need to know a Hong Kong civilian. I would really want to check out how their homes look like. Everything in this country is just mini. Walking isn't simple there, the foot paths are 凹凸不平, makes your feet go all wobbly after a full day of walking. To be on holiday with the aunts is awesome based on financial terms, everything else.. lets not even go there. HAH!

I will not leave my couch today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

if love is spelled longer, no one will use it that often.

it was me. I said.. to love is to respect love. If you read it from anywhere else, yeah refer me to that person cause I would like to know that person and share our same foolish thoughts. Someone else also said, "great minds think alike..." I bet you all did not hear till the end, did you? All of us are brought up in a shameless selfish planet, called earth and we all live among species, called humans. Oh! That's you and I! If you're some other species reading this and you're like, "HAHA BITCH! I AM NOT YOUR TYPE" Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please email me and let me know where you are from. Thank you in advance. (p.s/ after your email please self-destruct) We just don't listen anymore don't we? o m g my short attention span is killing me! I keep getting distracted and not know what I want to say next. This paragraph is too lengthy, I make absolute no sense at all! Full of NOn-SENSE. "...but fools don't differ"

That's a pretty long start.
Sawadee ka. (short and simple)
I am awesome at talking and conversing with myself. Does that mean that I am a person that have a lot of opinion? Ya. I think I do.

What was my point again?
I keep losing track of the thoughts in my head.
I am not weird. I am not queer. I am not odd. I am not strange! I am not an orthodox. - Just keep all these in mind and don't bother trying to find the synonyms of these words. I am not any of these meanings. T Y V M.

 Oh. I remember now. Hello again Singapore! As much as I love traveling. I love Shopping as well. Wow I typed that really fast. Its like I immediately typed shopping straight after traveling. I hate the feeling of coming back from a shopping spree overseas cause you don't know what you bought and you really do not know where all your kachings gone.
The trip was good with the company and all. I am so glad and happy that we girls did not fight at all throughout these 7 days. It is a good thing. How was the trip? I can summarize it in like a few words - I hope. Shopping, Massage, Food, Party, Massage, Shopping, Food. Did I repeat any words? That's practically the 7 days for us in Bkk. 7 days of shopping, ab sol lute ly K I L L E D me! I am not going to shop for the next 1 month. On the 4th day, I gave up on the sight of clothes and wants to puke. I still bought things luh! But. You will know when you're there with 3 other girls and your 7 days itinerary is just one big word - SHOPPING! (inserts a crazy monster shopaholic face there). Fell sick when I was back. I am all well now but still having the throat pains. Work woes. Goodbye.

I still love Bangkok!

I am tired of typing. Back to work folks.
(p.s/ its 5 minutes till work ends.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ice Cream makes Joy joy.

但你说 i only want to be your friend  做个朋友
我在你心中只是just a friend 不是情人
so i  我不能只是be your friend
i just can’t be your friend
I can’t just be your friend

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cali Cali Cali for nia ... ... ...

Planning ahead of time? Coachella 2013? 
Looking for a buddy to come along and be my punching bag/companion/skw. 
Music festivals. (Y) 
I am thinking of contacting ze friend in case the friend I want to go with is busy with her exams and all & I don't want her to feel all bad not being able to bring me around U - S - A, cali state only - duh! LV, maybe? 
Is it a good choice to contact ze 'friend'? 
hmmm... I always do make use of people huuh don't I?
Damn son. its starting to hit me and be obvious already isn't it?
I don't even know what I am typing already.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

By God's grace!

This is totally entirely a blog worthy post.

Jesus took the wheel. Maybe not literally but I know He was defo watching out for us or something.
It was really such a close call when Joyce and I saw that the traffic light turned green, but in actual fact it didn't. The light was still red. Being at the cross junction where Serene Centre is in the direction of Lornie Road going straight and turning right to Upper Bukit Timah road, to have actually beat the red light and there were no cars in the adjacent direction was really God's grace.

FYI: a police car was just behind my vehicle. We were being stopped over. There was an annoying policeman with an eurasian last name and a normal chinese policeman. Figure that out!

This scene will forever be etched in my memory.
Noting it down will only remind me.

still not over the scene.

Friday, June 1, 2012

"What would you do if I told you I la la la loved you. Lets say tonight?"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

you're like a form of medication.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

if you know that you are not going to be the last, just leave, why stay?

Monday, May 21, 2012

I am boring to read. I figured laughs


Blogger have evolved so much ever since I last blogged.
Things have definitely change as much ever since I last blogged too.
Is blogging a lame thing to do now? I have actually already been talking to myself so much already why would I still wanna blog and continue having conversations with myself? Guess at least I know someone is reading halfway or rather my full post rather than someone that is next to me and not even listening to me at all.

reading this other random person's blog have actually got me back to blog.
I have actually been on so many platforms of blogosphere and the only on-going and not so dead site could only be my Tumblr. ( all the pictorial shit going on there and its not so troublesome to think and type and what not haha just reblog pictures from other people and possibly post some of your own "tumblr-worthy" pictures. HAHA

these days.. I can just summarize my life in 3 words (lol) 'bad with technology'
crashed the BB bought a new BB lost the new BB and got another one which also crashed.
Current phone: a super cracked screen iphone 3G/3Gs I don't even know which is it.

other than that I have been hanging out with the same person every single fucking day for over 49 days or so. my favourite friend tells me we are like Siamese twins already, which is quite depressing. there are so many things about this person that I would like to say here but if this gets spotted I really would not like to explain myself. le sigh.

I have such short attention span - which sucks cause I can't remember what else I wanna type.

damn son.

gtg for an appointment now.
toodles giggles.
excited for tonight's appointment with Ael!
new ink.
keep you posted, my strangers.


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