Monday, August 31, 2009


Everybody has got their flaws and its just out there; some place, somewhere. Out there, there will just be maybe one, maybe two, maybe a bunch of them would love you for your flaw and ONLY your flaw and not anything else.
Your flaw will not be perfected or be in disguise. You would be in such a comfortable position to show your imperfection. Loud and proud of being imperfect.
The perfect points do not matter at all. Perfection would be just another plus point, and it would not be the main point.
God created humans just to be in His own image.
We are suppose to be just like that.

sidetrack: ANBERLIN was da SEXX!!! They started late CBs! But my fav songs were played and it was GOOOOODD (Y)
I hope everything would go well at my 1st office job tomorrow.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Martens Craze!

the Martens(martians) have arrived !!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ladies Night

Cause its ladies night.
Butter then Zouk and Phuture and the all so regular Spize :D
One crazy night. First one to say of wanting to go home ended up the last.
Sorry Car car I love you!!!!
We don't need pictures for fun :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


that old flame did not keep me alive, it left me stagnant.
stagnant, afraid, weary, doubtful and the list goes on..

Monday, August 24, 2009

partying has got no limits

Friday was the last paper.
Wrote stupid things, didn't study much, no concentration but I think all is well.
Worked at Haji.
The Proposal with the girls I am going to miss for 2 months-ish :'(
Went to Zouk, was tired, was very tired.
Saturday, I worked at the farm.
It was pretty fine. Drived (HAHA its suppose to be DROVE)home.
Lost my way around from Kranji.
Bathed, changed, powdered up and left for Zouk.
I was early!!!
Waited for mortals to arrive and had lots of drama about entering.
Drink, drank, drunk.
High, low, slang.
low memory.
home, love the bed.
Sunday, late for work at the farm.
Made the rents miss church as well as send me down to work :(.
I love my rents!
Work was pretty boring.
Bejeweled Blitz my time away.
Holiday Inn Atrium (Zouk) Hotel for Buffet Dinner
with Aunt Jean, Uncle Jeff and Janell jie jie ;) ♥
Not yums at all, but full.
The bread and butter pudding was (y).
Home Sweet Home.
Facebook (again)

Life is so mundane like that ain't it?
Partying again next week.
$ down.
Bkk how?


Photos for Saturday - Sander Van Doorn

and the partying kicks in (Y)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh yeah

the fire fight is good

last paper's on friday and I got to work (sorry girls)
we can watch moovie at night before you'll puasa OR sheesha!!

Support Local Music!!
Baybeats anyone??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


randomly I say, I like to be as random as I am. And as random as anyone can be.

I'd like to be super surprised on my bird-day(birthday)!!!
Give me the unexpected.
Name it 'The Love Joy Day'.
I don't need money or presents,
just friends, family and random people with
; lots and lots and lots and lots of love.
Maybe food and booze.
We don't have to get drunk, just be merry.
"Smoke, drink and be merry" is such a nice phrase.

I'll be waiting.
22 November, Sunday

beliefs and disbeliefs

Your Most Personal Traits -- The Day-Sign of Your Birth

Here are your strongest and most obvious personality traits. The delineation below describes who you are and how you appear to others, at least on the surface. In Aztec astrology this part of is your horoscope is your Tonalli, or Day-Sign, the form bestowed upon you by the Sun.

EagleEagle: You like to be a free spirit. You would probably just take-off for parts unknown but you usually have some complex relationship issues to deal with, so you don't. But you like time alone and tend to keep a good distance from most people. You have your own set of rules in life that has developed from your own unique perspective on things and you tend to take an experimental approach to many areas of your life. At worst, you can become too self-involved, at best, you are a person who pioneers changes and furthers new developments in the social world.

Many persons born under this day-sign are noted for their intellect. Frequently Eagle types have an interest in, or background in, philosophy or science, or the more technical aspects of their chosen field. You are probably a perfectionist and your exacting, critical mind needs challenges. Making plans and layouts may be particularly appealing to you. You have a strong intellect but you also tend to think in rigid patterns. As a result, you may be stubborn and have difficulties breaking bad habits.

Oddly enough, there is an escapist side to you. This may be simply a lazy streak, or at worst, drug or alcohol abuse. On a more positive level, you may be concerned with making the world a better place and you only appear to be an escapist to others. The creation of a fantasy, an escape from society or a personal journey within -- these are things that appeal to you on a deep level. Perhaps this is your way to simulate the high, soaring flights of an eagle.

You are probably very popular and well-liked, which is kind of interesting since you tend to bend the rules frequently. One thing you find uncomfortable is competition. You will compete when necessary, and you can be very serious about such things, but you usually try to avoid it. Competition with yourself is more your style and has probably become a pattern in your life.

In relationship matters you can be contradictory. You are very interested in relationships and, in order to explore them, will make life choices that compromise your free-wheeling instincts. Since you are a great believer in freedom, you stress this principle not only for yourself, but also for your partners or friends, and are therefore willing to break with convention in living situations.

YongAnn made me read it! HAHA
go to -
accordingly they are the tribe that predicts disasters and world end in the year 2012.


The number 3 may seem so small.
I tell you ITS EVIL !!!! 5 papers, 2 down, 3 more to go. Then I'll be that rockstar and party till the cows come home and my mother would like me to scram out of the house (NOT to being chased out).

Bring out your party hats people !!
I tell you people I am so excited to party that I have even actually thought of what to wear on Saturday. HAHA Maybe not. I'll think of something esle to wear. Drink till I go crazy!
But there's work the following day. Bitch! Nvm I hope Tong doesn't back out :) Then we can bitch, complaint and chatter our whiney tiredness + silly doings from the previous night. (oh boy, time is going to pass so fast)

:D :D :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not very stress

I've been trying very hard to study and absorb. To no surprise, I am still stuck on the same page 3 hours ago. Exams are so boring!
Life is worse. It surprises you in many ways. At times, its just not any of your business but you just is part of it. I don't know why. Seriously, this life has taken a toll on me. Sometimes, I say sometimes, I wish I could just live by my name.

Joy is a holy name.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Stress reliving system.

Happy Birthday Mjelva.


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