Friday, January 30, 2009

I could use somebody

I've been roaming around always lookin down at all I see.
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach.
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you
And all you know and how you speak
Countless lovers undercover of the street
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you
Off in the night while you live it up I'm off to sleep
Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat
I hope it's gonna make you notice
I hope it's gonna make you notice
Someone like me
Someone like me
Someone like me
(Go and let it out)
Someone like you
Someone like you
Someone like you
I've been roaming around always lookin down at all I see

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zodiac - OH NO!

Things are looking up. Oxen admire your stamina and ability to undertake hard labor without a whimper or a whinge. This then should be a terrific year for Horses. No interference. No meddling in your business. No directives. However, Ox years are not brilliant for the Horse’s romantic life. You may indeed fall in love this year. And when you fall, you crash. Thunderously.

But this year, the more passion you throw at your chosen significant other, the less the person seems to want to cozy up to you. You can avoid being disappointed in love by simply leaving your hormones at the gate and running the race alone. Your professional picture bodes nothing but success. So long as you apply perpetual elbow grease and show persistence, the Ox will not only stay out of your way, but will applaud you, encourage you and when he can, recommend you highly to any influential people you may need to know in order to advance your career.

Health? Nothing serious or life threatening is visible on the surface. But you really ought to look after yourself better. Horses tend to think they are invincible and rarely, if ever, bother going to doctors or visiting other health practitioners. Avoiding the symptoms you have been living with now for far too long without a medical opinion or two could lead to a chronic illness (or worse) which will stay with you for at least the next dozen Chinese years.

My warning about possible illness is not meant to frighten you, but to keep you on track. You are not exactly what I would call "devil-may-care" about health. But you own the opinion that you are not only self-sufficient and disgustingly healthy, but more or less invincible. Hooray! Confidence of this type is all too scarce in today's world. But isn't it wise to remember that we are all expendable and that you, Horsey are no exception to the rule?

Basically, I don't know why I ever tell you Horse people to DO anything. You are doers by nature and you DO things all the time. Trouble only arises when someone else suggests you do something you don't want to do. You simply will not do anything you do not wish to do. Whatever you undertake, you do well and thoroughly. The way you work when you do work would put even the Ox to shame. But you do what you want, when you want to do it - and only when you feel like it.

Your love life may be static this year. You financial picture however picks up straightaway when the Chinese year begins. You will eventually make some extra money doing something you love to do. It
may be teaching a skill or taking care of someone who is ill or consultant on a startup that's in trouble. But whatever it is, you like doing it and... as with the rest, you are excellent at what you love to do.

Meanwhile, as this year will tend to take up almost all of your time for work projects, make sure you take some time off to nurture your creativity. Paint, sew, cook, sing, dance or write poetry. Without a creative outlet, you tend to go a bit mad and start kicking holes in the stable walls. Use every spare moment to practice doing what you love most.

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

muu year!!

omg its like recession!!
I need "luck" and prosperity and love bolts and health and wealth and everything else this year!!
( :

Its alright afterall with the partying and ''21s'' .. haha

Sunday, January 25, 2009


a noun/verb/adjective/synonym/ (...)?

What a word is JOY?

when you search Wiki you get these results.
:and it shows that Joy is part of a word(meaning), music, literature, television program, A PLACE, surname, name, dish washing liquid(which I saw in the supermarket today), programming language, a radio station and a warship(?).

when you google search 'joy' you get these results.
:and it gives you 236,000,000 results of which may increase the next day and the next day and day after as well and so on... the search results gives you bands on youtube, images, organizations, industries, books and many more that has the word/name joy in it.

explain joy:
    1. Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.
    2. The expression or manifestation of such feeling.
  1. A source or an object of pleasure or satisfaction: their only child, their pride and joy.

v., joyed, joy·ing, joys. v.intr.

To take great pleasure; rejoice. Archaic.
  1. To fill with ecstatic happiness, pleasure, or satisfaction.
  2. To enjoy.
according to

for example, why would a parent want to name their child joy?! (haha I know ask mine) Seriously, I think its a bit weird and kinda unusual.
Joy is just everywhere!!!
Believe it or not, when I went out today, I saw about >10 different products using the term 'Joy' as part of their slogan, advertising and even branding (the dish washing detergent).
[it just make my head grew bigger - ego!]

and when I blog hop or whatsoever, you see people using the word 'joy'.
and my point is that why would parents want to name a child a WORD??

My mommy says: "stupid is a bad word!" and daddy says: "dress simply, or else like Christmas tree; what fashion fashion fashion, be yourself!" (my personal favourite quotes from me parents)
not the point - they say its because - some long story - about being born near Christmas and in town with banners of JOY flown everywhere.

so.. JOYs OUT THERE - WHY DID YOUR PARENTS NAMED YOU JOY??? - do you really live up to your name??

another question, are all the Joy(s) out there the same, happy-go-lucky, jovial, girl/guy?
tell me.

xoxo, ♥

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pack your room!!

yah yah and I am suppose to go pack my room now.
HAHA I didn't take that picture, it isn't really nice, and to prove it; I didn't bring my cammy out so not much pictoes! | :

it was like shopping an outfit for me for CNY.
I suggested Suntec City...
SUNTEC CITY kinda SUCKS!!! Its like there're not much things for you to buy and like most of it are like gifts and blah or like hairdressing or like appliances. BEAT THAT x! omg
Then we were so sick and tired. We decided to go and eat!
Tonkichi - but it opens only at 6:30pm for dinner. Mom wanted western.
and blah blah blah so long winded story..
We eneded up at Marina Mandarin Hotel's Buffet.
It sure was yummy-licious.
I ate the Sashimi like it was never ending. And we had YU SHENG!! hahaa
(it was so cool cause they gave us this card telling us of all the auspicious words to mummble when lo hei-ing) haha
love it! - I read the english version, the chinese was too ridiculous for my parents, haha and ( :

Headed down to AMK like a rolly polly cause I didn't get to buy anything.
I wanted the Topshop top thing cum tunic cum dress - with very cute details and sleeves.
Mom said it was rather revieling. HAHA
But its so nice.
Went to AMK and bought a 3/4 pants and a satin blouse look rather plain but I think if I pair it up with a pair of heels, I will look rather plain jane cum sophisticated old haggy aunty. But all is well. haha and I think I can wear it for presentations some time soon.
urghh I hate being FAT :(

**and I finally added a shopping tag - believe it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

beat dead//

I'm so tired of the lappy sitting right in front of me already.
Everyday, i just sit in front of the same old thing, not knowing what I am going to do next. Open a new tab? Which website to go too?

Life just is so mundane and unrealistic at times(maybe too realistic all the time that it seems the other way around), I guess.

Tag my board! Tell me of cool awesome websites to go to or even to visit your blog!!!
I'll be glad to do so!! ( :

and I'm going to put a poll, poll in your voting aites?

Happy Birthday Alan (Tan) !!![being legal is cool huuh]
and Zhi Xian !!![being an aunty is not cool erhh] : )

collages saves time and time

click on photo to enlarge them and scrutinize our faces.

haha Zouk and Butter Factory was fun but I believe that it was fun because I was with all of my favorite party girlfriends!!! love it love it love it! ♥♥♥

what adds on to the fun was that, its a wednesday night and most of the clubs are having Ladies' Night, which mean Free Entry and many other more perks, depending.
Butter Factory had like Free Flow till 1am!!!
I drank like there was no tomorrow and danced the night away having fun (LA) : )
Merlion-ed and slang-ed in the end.
it wasn't that bad I think.
Love you all la!

When those 3 return back to study :| boooohooohoooo ...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When the clock strikes 12.

She's no more a teen but a ty. Like an aunty, but we still love her no matter what cause G-strings are cool like that.
happy tweenntieth sexy! : )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARAH!!!! !!!! !!!! : )

and.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (lee) NEO JIA WEI !!! 19 is old you know. (before the clock strike 12:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay I don't know who took this picture but whoever it is - I think Nisa - Thank You haha cause I like how I looked. HAHA

So this two are like photos from the wedding. I didn't get to take much photos and I didn't get to take a photo of the bride and groom or with SUZI!!! Cause I came at the wrong time!
I came at the time whereby the family goes over to the bride's house and pick her (just like the chineses')
Oh wells :|
I was practically feeling shy and awkward at the wedding haha cause I was practically the only chinese there and AND I came alone. Thank goodness, Farah and Nisa were there to help out, so actually they can't accompany me. However, I still managed to EAT!!
FOOD was Scrumptious and Delicious!!!! - I love love love :)
Rendang, some Chicken, Nasi Briyani, and all the other kueh kuehs simply yums!

and the coolest ever!
when you leave the wedding, you'll receive a door gift and a packet of briyani rice! haha
cuteness - I like.

Needa prayer right now// J is for Jealousy

I think I am going to see myself going to church more often and am going to love waking up early for church with dad in the coming days, weeks, months and even years.
However, I don't see myself, committing like how I used too.

Why is that so God? Why?

anyway, I love you my heavenly father.
God was totally awesome to me today.


add-ons to blah.
The mood of the month : Jealously.
This month's PMS-y period has so got to do with jealousy.
when a j like another j and another j back the other j and all the other js in the world. What has this world turned into? When all my friends are so misleading. I hate misleading facts.

Dear God, till the end of this month, I pray, that you'll just keep me off all torturing thoughts and let me be JOY this entire month I love You.

I'll tell you more about my Sunday when I feel like it

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm deadbeat now, just came back from the moovies with my brother and sister in law. I love hanging out with them ( : fun couple!
We had steamboat, we love love love eating steamboat!! : )

We watched Passengers staring Anne Hathaway.. it was pretty captivating and it keeps you in great suspense. But not a really awesome film, just find out why yourself, and pray you don't get a chinese speaking aunty sitting behind you. (ask me why, when I see you I tell you how angry I got)
I give it 2.45 stars / 5 !!

no pictures again cause.. I didn't bring my camera out. ) :
Went out when twin though, and Car in the day. Then Car went back home to snooze, twin and I wandered. Sungei was cool, bought a casio watch for 5 bucks and a rather pretty scarf for 1 buck. BEAT THAT!!! x!!!

God, I pray that I am able to wake up and meet you in church. I love you God. See you tomorrow/later in church : )
wedding tomorrow!! anticipating although I'll be going ALONE :(

side-note: at times I wonder if your presence affects how my heart is beating..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

everyday I can just talk about school

No pictures at all within these few days.
All I do is school work school work and school work.

Sorry Sherm and Car-car sorry I didn't make it for sleepover tonight I really was very tired and have a lot of work to complete and I was even thinking of bringing my laptop over to your crib to do my work, but I thought it would be too distracting. Sorry k? I see you guys tomorrow lunch/morning aites? Mind me I think I am PMS-ing.

I've got an 'A' for Oral com :)
"Nip and Tuck among teens" - thats right
stats today was _ _ _ _, mind blank. WAIT. I didn't even study.
All I did today in and after school was project after projects.
Oral comm group persuasive discussion went really well and fun ( :
then here comes the "bride" - Sharepoint ) :
Sharepoint is another _ _ _ _ ed one, I spent my entire time after discussion back home and until now to complete so it'd be about 6hours to create "MY PERSONAL WEB PAGE", it was actually boring but after seeing the end result, its pretty fun and entertaining. LOLS.

can't wait for Sunday!!!
Congratulations Suzi's Brother!!! ( :
Wedding wedding wedding ! ! !
and.. its a MALAY WEDDING!!! BEAT THAT!! :)
love it.
I'm so anticipating. Nai please go :|

Thursday, January 15, 2009

school is such a whore

school has been so fucked up.
projects after projects
ICA a.k.a tests after tests
its like when you have received your results from the first test a week after you will have to seat for the next test. OMG

when today I have AFA tomorrow I have Statistics.
BEAT THAT x! people BEAT THAT!!!

good thing is that I passed management ICA 1 : )
its a not bad thing cause I barely studied : |

wish school don't have to so tough.

and my girlfriends meeting on wed for farewell :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

gong xi fa cai.

I have not bought my CNY outfit. OMG I make it sound like a dress up party : |
I want something extraordinary for CNY :|

this makes it the second third post of the day blah
I don't like to have 2 posts in one day but I posted that at like way past midnight so I guess I am still valid :)

I am so jealous today because some people have friends that care so much and blah. When my 18 was pretty shitty and I didn't receive any good gift besides the point that my loves gave me $$ to tatt which I haven't done yet!
(sorry as soon as I tell momma or maybe just do it then tell? any suggestions?)
anyway back to my point besides not receiving any pretty gifts or any elaborate celebration for being 18 last year Nov.
some people are just receiving gifts from their friends out of the blue without any reasons attached to it and what about me??
Was 18 and now still 18 but nothing durable.
Hate life.

but its better to give than to receive.. : )

Be The One !!!

ai ya view my facebook to see the pictures!!!

I enjoyed myself at the concert/gig did you?
I had fun with amanda and carina did you?
I screamed and shouted did you?
I felt as if I was partying did you?
I danced to wearing my rolex and all The Ting Tings songs did you?
if no, so what did you do when I was having fun???

love love love the concert of the year!
First concert of the year and it was awesome, what about the soon and upcoming ones?
whee~~ anticipating...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sawadee ka!

I'm going to post pictures on facebook.

album 1/sawadee '09

album 2/sawadee'09

album 3/sawadee'09

ok so.. everyone knows that I went to Thailand for that super LONG weekend.
(: and let me tell you ..
haha although there was some unhappy moments here and there.. I'm still fine and well. (:
Can you believe it, when I was in Thailand. The weather was cool. Cool as in chili(sp?)/ cold. It wasn't hot at all!! I could like walk around chatuchak with my jacket on!
Plus not even a single drop of sweat dripped off my forehead!!
Believe it or not it was totally amazing!!
Food as usual was good. But this time it was mostly planned by Uncle Jeff's company.
First day at Ho's Kitchen - a Thai Chinese cuisine

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

egggxiitedd bird.

hello there.
I am leaving at 1055 to Sawadee Land.
If there's anything important try to text me on my mobile or e-mail me lah.
I'll try my best to reply you.
If you want me to buy something just text and I'll try to find (I won't reply), and get back to you when I am back.

Wish me best wishes for Catfighz and my poly mate's undiess :)
I'll miss you guys.
♥ you and ♥ me.

XO, ♥

Monday, January 5, 2009

News of The Day ::

I PASSED MY BTT!!!!! (Basic Theory Test)

omg!!! :) :) :)
In your face to those who did not pass on their first time!!! :)
no la, kidd. I love you peeps A LOT! :)

heeeeh heeeh heeeh happy happy happy.

Such a tiring day, even when I have got NO school. :+
BTT, Econs proj., catfightz virgin meet up!

OMG I tell you people!!! : )
Please please please anticipate for catfightz's real launch!! If I were you, I'd be like I can't wait and I want time to fast forward.
A lot of hard work k people!!!
love us!!

What were we talking about?

The other day Aunt Mabel(boss), Car and I were like talking on fashion trends.
And we also mentioned about the invisible heels!!
Its either you are too slow, slow or just a tortoise. You have not yet seen the invention of zeeh Invisible Heels.

Shoes are just a form of protection for your pretty feet however, human mankind have already turned it into many different forms and beautifying it even more and more each and every other day. With fashion into mind, fashion labels like Antonio Berardi (what Victoria Beckham wore), Fendi (Nicole Richie), Marc jacobs and Manolo Blahnik.

The High Heeled High Cut Leather boots with invisible heels.
F.Y.I go google victoria beckhams on wearing those invisible heels.
Look and see how she have to held onto by David Beckham and mind you they were half an hour late for the lauch on the day she wore these shoes. She had trouble walking in those killer shoes!!
All for being a fasionsta Mrs. Beckham!

(psst: mind you all these babys are not cheap deals.)

oh and this is a scheduled post!! When this is being posted I'd be at SSDC taking my BTT pray for me :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am feeling the tension!!!
it's zeee Basic Theory Test (BTT) tomorrow!!!!
wish me all the lucks in the world! :\
then after I pass I can go and book my practical lessons and start driving!!! :)
wheeee~~~ then get a PDL then take FTT then take the Final Practical test and ...
you see Joy driving round sunny island, Singapore!!!


hey people!!
Thank you all for like reading this site for whatever reason you are here for.
(just stop goggling my FULL name!!! - its TOO MUCH and freaky)
and why are you goggling when you can just type it in your site page bar and it'll become part of your history reads! Isn't that just great??
♥ you all. No stalking needed! Just read.

First Weekend of the new year!!
Honestly, Besty I am so happy to see you tag my board!!! :) I really hope we can like know each other difference more and more! ! I miss you terribly, even all the quarrels we'd ever had. How was your first weekend? I hope you fufil your new year resolution and the time capsule note.
Miss you tons. We are going to be year 2s soon and we have not really talked a lot in 2008, and you are my besty :( omeeegoshh I am not going to cry.. but I really wish that I can call you anytime I want about anything and everything under the sun/moon like I used too and not sound awkward. YOU ARE MY BESTY. I ♥♥♥ YOU very very very very x infinity!!!!!! And I don't have any recent pictures of you :( except that WHY DIDN'T WE TAKE ANY PICTURES?? WE DID RIGHT?? :| I'll be really sad if I continue : ( anyway I hope I can see you soon
XO, ♥ - Joy.Cyl

Samsung please produce more 8GB Omnia(s) Thank You Very Much.

I went down to haji to find Car Car :)
it was pretty enjoyable(: with the all so weird car.
♥ you sweety.

If you peeps really spend a lot a lot of time with Carina Koh a.k.a Mdm Tallulah you'd really think she's a bit weird but sooner or later you'll just think you are as weird as her and then you'd think omg she's okay lah quite normal.
Cause...... joy says?? weird people have weird friends:)
Oh and i founf a new place of q.good yumms food at Liang Seah Street cause Curry brought me to.. THYE HONG!!!! It was q.yums la! :)

ahh I am so tired.
Omg my class mate is so cute and I think the BBQ has left a bad impression on me :( it looks as if I drink a lot. :( I don't!
1:42:52 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
1:42:57 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
yep yep !:)
1:43:00 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
ever tried ribena + absoulte vanilla?
1:43:02 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
isit nice??
1:43:13 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
not vanilla
1:43:17 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
but normvodka not bad
1:43:19 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
1:43:26 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
cause vanilla open
1:43:27 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
de rest nt
1:43:28 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
1:43:30 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
1:43:34 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
i think should be alright
1:43:37 AM
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just try la
1:43:45 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
later disgustin hw
1:43:46 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
1:43:50 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
I hope not
1:43:54 AM
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I doubt so actually
1:43:56 AM
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1:43:58 AM
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1:44:08 AM
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kk thanks ^^
1:44:14 AM
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information counter
1:44:14 AM
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1:44:29 AM
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omg you are so mean!
1:44:32 AM
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1:44:38 AM
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anyway welcome!
1:44:40 AM
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: )
1:44:41 AM
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1:44:45 AM
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seriously thanks
1:44:46 AM
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1:44:50 AM
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i needed de info
1:44:54 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
1:44:55 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
no probs la
1:45:00 AM
joycyl♥ - I'm selling Polaroid Films!
cute la you
. says (1:45 AM):
. says (1:45 AM):
y leh
. says (1:45 AM):
i wan go wayang
. says (1:45 AM):
then dont wan put makeup
. says (1:45 AM):
cannot meh
. says (1:45 AM):

don't you think Mr. (.) - I call him mr. dot hahaa is so cute!! :)
oh the convo went on talking about how much Ribena we've been drinking. HAHA

neways I've got work tomorrow. Nights humans!! :)

Calling out all POLAROID users!!!

Fret not!

Cause I am here to save your Polaroid camera from collecting dust and let you snap more pretty shots of your loved ones!!! :)

Currently I am selling Polariod films!!! ( :

1 pack (10 films) @ $GD 42
2/twin pack (20 films) @ $GD 80
3 pack (30 films) @ $GD 114

*Sorry that its so expensive. Prices are negotiable depending.
**note: all films expire 07/2009
***xtra note: actually expire films are cool! They give you cool effects ;)

if you are interested please e-mail me @, leave a comment with your e-mail
on this post or tag the tag board leaving your e-mail :)

p.s//tell all your Polaroid friends!!!
cause this maybe the last batch of films :)
thanks again.


Friday, January 2, 2009

embarrassing moment.

I ended the year with an almost embarrassing moment and now I started off with another one. : |
Bad karma bad bad bad karma.
No more birthday wishes to anyone (I'm sorry!) unless I'm super duper ultra sure!!!
:( cause friendster and birthday alarm sent me emails telling me and reminding me that its your birthday. But it turned out not!

God Bless me literally!


Omg!! I just suddenly forgot what I want to say after I posted the Obama vid : |
Shit I had like something in mind to type about!!! : (

Obama at the tune of Whatever you like.

to those I told about the freaking awesome Obama impersonator!!!!
enjoy - HAH

Thursday, January 1, 2009


ITS 2009 BABY!!!

Thank you all darlings for spending the last few seconds of 2008 with me and bringing in 2009 as a New Year with me!!
I bet all of you had loads and loads and truckloads of fun and "I never.."
♥♥♥, XO
Chang Yuling Joy
in the Year 2009


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