Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its hard to believe!

Unbelievable, but true!
All truth can't accept the fact that I am liking your new band.
It is soothing (haha) and awesome - I like!!
myspace keeps you anonymous and stalkerish over the bandies that you secretly adore.
love caarr-carrr (:
met up for f♥ts and he♥rt talks.
I suggested Starbucks but NO she suggested PRATA!!!
everyone! My friend Carina Koh is really cool cause she styles for The Nanyang Chronicles and her ideas are just .. "AWEEEEEEEEE-SOMEEEE!!!" - Can't wait to see your first issue Car :)

And I was so full from dinner at home, yet I was so greedy I had to just order a honey paper prata!! Dang!
Its so fast and its exactly 23 hours and 26 minutes to a brand new year!
Welcome 2009!
It just sounds so weird saying 2009.
I wish everyone a brand new start y'all ! ! !
I'll soon post all my shout-outs soon!! Watch this space for your funny quirky pictures!!

no. 1 for the New Year - Dear Joy, please remember to bring your phone out whenever and wherever!!!
no. 2 for the New Year - Pass moi driving before SSDC moves to freaking WOODLANDS!
no. 3 for the New Year - Don't party so much and so hard that I neglect school! - do all tutorials and be more active in school !
no. 4 for the New Year - Eat Less and Save more $$$
no. 5 for the New Year - Plan all my friends birthdays in advance !!!
no. 6 for the New Year - Be more stylish! !
no. 7 for the New Year - Tell me momma and papa about the permanent ink on my skin and ask for another one - WOW asking for trouble only!
no. 8 for the New Year - someone please ♥ ♥ ♥ me !!
no. 9 for the New Year - to LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ God(go to church joy!) and all you people out there no matter if you are the opposite of me, the same as me, not my friend, just an acquaintance, my lover, my hater, my friend, my girlfriends AND MY OHANA ! ! !


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ohmeeegoodnesss lah.
I got this from tong's bs and I just love the silhouette image of the cat :)
re: to visit

ohhmeegoreng!!! HAHA
I just thought of that! anyway the point is that I keep on spelling spot as sport! omeegoreng I is so dumb! blah

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Home-Club ♥in'

Look at me skirt!! pretty? I made it myself!! :)

Above few images credits to: Jiahao (:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zipper bandage Lovin'

Love the zipper skirt??
I MADE IT MYSELF!!!! :) :) :)
and the zipper ah-pek singlet is my chrissy pressie from TWINNY(she made it herself) !!!
I♥♥♥it !!! : )

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'Mas!!!!

Merry Christmas my loves ♥ ♥ :)
Just came home from Christmas Lunch.
Super tired. Came home at 5AM in the Morning with Janell Jie from my brother's crib.
Ate so much and was so busy eating that I forgot to snap snap snap ANY pictures :(
I regretted and I purposely charged my cammy :(
poof! I was so exhausted I bathed and laid on my sweet comfortable bed and snored.
Had to wake up early for the lunch thingy.
:( and I am going to sleep my Christmas away like how Rah did last year haha.
LOVE YOU GIRLS though we're not spending it together :)
(Chrissy this year is a little dull for me)
good night y'll and..
and thank all for the late night text messages I felt so ♥-ed !
Joy Chang :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shut Up and Let Me Go!!

Be fucking jealous cause cause cause I am effing going to THE TING TINGS concert this 13 Jan 2009 at the Fort Canning!!! and I paid only $53 freaking bucks!!!!!!!!!!(It could be 50 but sistic is fucking charging so much extra!:( But 53 bucks !! ! ! ! ! !

quick now cry and tell me you are freaking jealous!

zee Weekends.

omg so you knew how my Friday went - zee BBQ with NYP classmates - awesome kiddos there!

Then on Saturday, I went to meet Carcar :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE CARINA and MISSED HER SO EFFING MUCH LA. Met her to pass her her Chrissy Present and... ate lunch. Talked so much that the best Satay Bee Hoon in the world sucked : | (cause the sauce dried up)

Followed her back to her crib, cause she decided that she wanted to go out with me and had to change as she's got a wedding dinner to attend too in the night. Once again, I met her sisters - Cheryl and Celine. OMG Celine is such a cutie pie! I didn't get to snap shots cause I totally forgot! and I was googling at all the cute hot hong kong boys in m.i.l.k! magazine that Car bought back from h.k HAHA

Believe it or not! She took 2-3 hours to get ready. Okay! Maybe 2 hours. urghhh felt like asking her not to wear anything! heeh

HAJI LANEE. I missed that freaking ass lane luh!!! I missed PLUCK ice-cream and small talks with the lady boss and tab's sister. I MET MY TWINNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Passed her her chrissy prezzie and Miss Tong's too. (TONG TONG get it from sherm k?♥)
haha But I still love you lah and I am so happy that you loved loved your present!!!! ♥s you and see you soon :)

We are swimmers like michael phelps - DREAM ON!

Underwater "spy" cam!! - which sucked cause we had no goggles : |

I seriously had so so so much fun cause we haven't done anything like this in a long long long long long time. Really missed you so much Rah (: We sauna-ed too :)

Rah's mom was like crying over some drama and was talking to us as well as telling Sarah not to snap when she's sobbing over drama. heeh

Watched Good Luck Chuck on HBO awesome!!!
Jessica Alba the Penguin Lover! lols

Found a new channel which we both didn't know. THE STYLE NETWORK!! love love it.
and this show called SPILT ENDS. heehehh the vietnamese guy - HOT HOT HOT we both were like ... "fuck dude he's fucking hot la" "fuck! My name is joy!" "RAH stop staring and drooling you have Ryan!" "I can have him... FUCK he's like awesome!!!" and Rah would give that blank stare looking at him on teevee saying.. "yeahhhh fuckk yeahhhhh" HAHHAHAHAHAHA
I LOVE YOU RAH :) :) :)

Korean'08 (exactly/not exactly) (actually its Tang Yuan Day)

Our Fried Mushrooms and Egg Plant(best I guess you're disgusted now) which was pretty yummy when it was hot and not when it turned cold : (
Joy Chang taste buds give it a... 3/5 saliva glands LOLS

BAD BAD BAD attempts on making CALAMARI ! ! ! !
Joy Chang won't even rate it but for myself cause we somehow made them.
I would give 1/5 salivary glands. LOL


Making Korean Pancake. OMG TOO BUSY TO TAKE PICTs! : (

Give you dumplings!!! Gosh I didn't eat them : (

Look at the beef!!! It already looks so good RAW!!! *drools.

Marinating sauce - Cheryl jie did a super good job marinating the meats : ) : ) : )

Too many cooks spoils the good broth.


i ♥ all old people :)

Don't you love love love ♥ ♥ ♥ the oldiesss ??

Yah and that day was Tze Leon and Jeremy's BIRTHDAYs!!!!!
♥♥♥ the strawberrrrryysss :)

Omg I am so sorry Tze Leon kor, you're like too tall for Jeremy. heep!

We had our blessing draw!!!
Too busy calling out numbers and forgot to ask someone to take pictures.. anyway we looked rather stupid as well booo.
I WON A KETTLE!!!!!! - whatever for, but I xchanged it for a stylishy phone.
: ) : ) : ) SMILES HUMANS

family, I seriously hearts you although sometimes somethings pisses me but seriously, once family always stays family in harmony as a heart :)

love you my girly cousins GREAT JOB everyone loved the foods.
some asked for a second time.
honestly, I hated the cooking.
We will discuss and think again... dream on peeeps...


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