Friday, October 23, 2009

24/7 365 days of summer

misery business unsolved with my most beloved friend.
I do not want to lose her, and I won't.
This PMS has got to stop before any actions are being made.
Rant to the other girlfriend first and ask for advice.
This tongue is a double-edged sword.
Alright. Maybe worst than that.
It slashes your senses and that palpitating thing on the right/left side of the chest as well as that squishy thing that channel thoughts up there.
Dammit if we didn't have organs and emotions won't life be much easier?
No. (I know I just answered my own question)
Won't we then be Robots/Mannequins/Trees(they breathe right? so are they counted?)/Spaceman/Astronauts.

I maybe writing nonsense or even uncompleted sentences or maybe even spelling words wrongly because I just watched (500) days of summer and I thought that it was so good!
If you liked (500) days of summer, I think you'll love my friends. Cause I think they are like Zooey Daschanel(sp?)in the movie, Summer. Except that Summer maybe a tit weirder. And to Tong, you are not that werid anymore. So is Car. You two better thank Zooey Daschanel for making you both not too different from the world. (Y)

Love you babys.

School is not much that of a whore now. Getting use to the environment and the fellow fellas. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Actually there's still pretty much nothing to do, mundane most of the time. I have seen #Patches like quite often again in school. Pretty awkward but.
Today, I have "collected" the most amount of unpleasant nicknames in the world (p.s/I never had nicknames) and I feel like a total Mafia in the eyes of others now. Whatever rep I deserve, I believe its gone in a snap. FML

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