Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lack of updates I know
life been pretty mundane
CNY was just gambling gambling and more gambling
someone won xx,xxx at the casino
school have been pretty tight now with full shifts of roadshows
not much partying
bbm-ed for a day (hurhurhur)
I want to L4D2 withdrawal syndromes kicking in @yatsoon is in aussie
holiday where are you?
@electrikcat @conns wanna L4D2?
zig always ps me, mia and vice versa

out and peace yall!

haven't seen @bitenails close to a month or two
I wanna get a new tattoo
& be Vegan again
should I go get an iTouch?

okok I'm leaving now.

oh and I miss @cheenapok and janell.lim and @ssarahccchan and SohWeiTing

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