Monday, May 21, 2012


Blogger have evolved so much ever since I last blogged.
Things have definitely change as much ever since I last blogged too.
Is blogging a lame thing to do now? I have actually already been talking to myself so much already why would I still wanna blog and continue having conversations with myself? Guess at least I know someone is reading halfway or rather my full post rather than someone that is next to me and not even listening to me at all.

reading this other random person's blog have actually got me back to blog.
I have actually been on so many platforms of blogosphere and the only on-going and not so dead site could only be my Tumblr. ( all the pictorial shit going on there and its not so troublesome to think and type and what not haha just reblog pictures from other people and possibly post some of your own "tumblr-worthy" pictures. HAHA

these days.. I can just summarize my life in 3 words (lol) 'bad with technology'
crashed the BB bought a new BB lost the new BB and got another one which also crashed.
Current phone: a super cracked screen iphone 3G/3Gs I don't even know which is it.

other than that I have been hanging out with the same person every single fucking day for over 49 days or so. my favourite friend tells me we are like Siamese twins already, which is quite depressing. there are so many things about this person that I would like to say here but if this gets spotted I really would not like to explain myself. le sigh.

I have such short attention span - which sucks cause I can't remember what else I wanna type.

damn son.

gtg for an appointment now.
toodles giggles.
excited for tonight's appointment with Ael!
new ink.
keep you posted, my strangers.

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