Sunday, May 17, 2009

6th day of my 3rd week of May

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAIIII !!!! love love love you!!! Finally LEGALLL Party yea! (no excuses!)

all I did was to go ssdc then raffles city.
amk central sells fabric and zippers and materials!!!
sweltering weather!
bubble tea, an orange and a prune.
two movies with grey's characters in them, "eva"(jane doe) and "mcsteamy"(sloan) {thats if you watch Grey's right Suzi?} figure them out
the cousin came over to join me.
watched AFC and Sugar is such a bad hosting show. (opps!)
pavaola, made us feel like eating marshmellows!
I drove to the mama stall.
came back and made a IRREGULAR FATTENING MEAL! (which practically covers up all the things I ate in the day and more)
toasted marshmellows with milo powder/nutella = ♥power!
bee hoon and tutu piring :\
then back down on the lazy couch to watch project runway [how inspiring :> ]
and another Jennifer Aniston flick on televison

awesome saturday! lols

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