Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I may huff and puff and blow places down, but I really do not like it and the scent it brings.
was the most tiring day of my life
whereby time passes as it is doing things that wastes time in life.
Things that made me laugh and the looks of everyone having most of the fun.
I liked.
Walk from almost an end of the park to the other just in search of a playground.
Spinning like a torpedo that stops your heartbeat and
kills your throat was in fact fun.
The stars in the sky, be it satellites or the Orion's belt was all pretty.
Breeze from the sea like air conditioning, nice.
SHUTTER !!!! (freaky)
And then came a sleepless night,
so did Ms.PMS, me!
We all should lead fragile and humble lives!!!

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