Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yeah? Yeah! Yeahs !!

Fucking hell! Yeah Yeah Yeahs was the awesomest stuff ever! It just made my 2010 the best ever. Karen O can just stay here in Singapore.

you can see more pictures at
Shermin's -
or Xc's -

I've got like Videos from my BB but OMG my BB is so lousy pea-size that you can't hear Karen O sing at all and from where I am sitting, Karen O + the other band mates were just ant size, in my vids you can just hear Joy Chang and no Karen O. (boring..)
Whereas Xc's iphone, nahbeh! Sound and quality was just (Y).

Like what I told LuLu, if you didn't go for YYYs, loser of the century man!
HAHAHHAHAHHA joking luh. But it was seriously, Nice.

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