Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pissed till there were tears

Who brought you up? Who taught you values? Who paid for your shit when you were young and was still studying? I know now, he is not what he used to be and she is overtaking his duties. Please you are fucking ten years older than I am. Can't you be much more sensible? Use your IQ and EQ can?? I always tell her you are damn stupid, jokingly, but sometimes I really think you just have fucking low EQ or maybe you can't balance both your IQ and EQ. I know you are married and all and have a hell lot of shit finances to handle. If your wife and you can afford the bags and accessories, as luxury items, you can't even pay for him an air ticket? But you would pay for her. You want me to pay for him? I wouldn't mind. If it ever comes across your mind, I can hardly even survive with the peanuts she gives me and with the side jobs I have, how far can I survive. I will not say that you are selfish but you are just fucking annoying. Your wife ask me to ask him if he wants to go with us, or else he will be stuck alone here in Singapore. I actually turned down your wife and said I doubt he would want to go with us. Then, when I asked him and he wants to go, you say you no budget cannot pay the fare for him. What fuck shit is this? Cheebs. I wish I can help here. I understand money is such an issue here. I am not angry that you do not want to pay for him. I somehow know where you are coming from. But you actually asked me to turn him down after he has happily agreed to go and say that it is planned for the four of us and say air tickets are really expensive. YOU DON'T HAVE FEELINGS ONE ARH?? You don't want to pay, I will find a way you motherfucker son of a bitch. I know we come from the same bitch. But seriously, you are such an asshole. I really do not know what fuck to do now, I need a stick.

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