Monday, September 10, 2012

brave up

staying a little confused in this whole situation that is going on its like I wouldn't wanna call it a game because I do not treat this like a game and I think now I have actually decided.

I might wanna take this seriously.

 after whatever that has happened and we have actually been communicating for the pass week or so and I do not see where this is going. am I over-thinking things? cause I actually do that a lot. people do not have be good at anything to have feelings for somebody. it just takes the heart.

is it me? me, that have not actually played a part of this __ relationship that I have been imagining the whole time. or are we in a situation whereby we are just shy/embarrass/introverted/egoistic/... but I am quite sure. quite sure that there definitely is something between us. some days we are just so cute together. some days we are just speechless. all the other days just mundane. I like all our days.

please ask me out? the frugal you don't have to spend any money.

I am seriously getting impatient and I do not know if I will wanna wait for your next move or if I would wanna stay on and reconsider my feelings for you. I know you have never been through such a thing and you will need time. courage is what you need, that I really do not know if its true. I am actually ready for something new to happen in my life would expect someone new in my life. there, I said it. go figure.

things cannot stay stagnant forever.

we have got to move on.

what happened to that person that held my hand under those sheets?

I guess I'll just be waiting..


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