Tuesday, August 14, 2012

if only....

... I was tall enough
... rich to be a bummer
... I can travel everyday
... leave whenever I feel like it
... I do not have to work under someone
... bake all day
... I can start something on my own
... things would not need large capitals
... I can quit my job now
... my family problems are much simpler
... I am what everyone imagined me to be

and hello again.. I just came back from the land of canto-pop - it has been changed to the land of mainland invasion. They are just everywhere!
I miss Hong Kong already.
I wanna live there forever!!! (I know I say that for every country I come back from) The food there is really a-maz-zing! The people does need a little encouragement and some mannerism. However I must say, the standard of living there is really up there. Like up-there. No-kidd. 
the Hong Kong boys are no joke as well. (so are the girls) I like seeing all the gangsters and the bright lights in the city. I need to know a Hong Kong civilian. I would really want to check out how their homes look like. Everything in this country is just mini. Walking isn't simple there, the foot paths are 凹凸不平, makes your feet go all wobbly after a full day of walking. To be on holiday with the aunts is awesome based on financial terms, everything else.. lets not even go there. HAH!

I will not leave my couch today.

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