Monday, August 24, 2009

partying has got no limits

Friday was the last paper.
Wrote stupid things, didn't study much, no concentration but I think all is well.
Worked at Haji.
The Proposal with the girls I am going to miss for 2 months-ish :'(
Went to Zouk, was tired, was very tired.
Saturday, I worked at the farm.
It was pretty fine. Drived (HAHA its suppose to be DROVE)home.
Lost my way around from Kranji.
Bathed, changed, powdered up and left for Zouk.
I was early!!!
Waited for mortals to arrive and had lots of drama about entering.
Drink, drank, drunk.
High, low, slang.
low memory.
home, love the bed.
Sunday, late for work at the farm.
Made the rents miss church as well as send me down to work :(.
I love my rents!
Work was pretty boring.
Bejeweled Blitz my time away.
Holiday Inn Atrium (Zouk) Hotel for Buffet Dinner
with Aunt Jean, Uncle Jeff and Janell jie jie ;) ♥
Not yums at all, but full.
The bread and butter pudding was (y).
Home Sweet Home.
Facebook (again)

Life is so mundane like that ain't it?
Partying again next week.
$ down.
Bkk how?


Photos for Saturday - Sander Van Doorn

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