Tuesday, July 10, 2012

if love is spelled longer, no one will use it that often.

it was me. I said.. to love is to respect love. If you read it from anywhere else, yeah refer me to that person cause I would like to know that person and share our same foolish thoughts. Someone else also said, "great minds think alike..." I bet you all did not hear till the end, did you? All of us are brought up in a shameless selfish planet, called earth and we all live among species, called humans. Oh! That's you and I! If you're some other species reading this and you're like, "HAHA BITCH! I AM NOT YOUR TYPE" Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please email me and let me know where you are from. Thank you in advance. (p.s/ after your email please self-destruct) We just don't listen anymore don't we? o m g my short attention span is killing me! I keep getting distracted and not know what I want to say next. This paragraph is too lengthy, I make absolute no sense at all! Full of NOn-SENSE. "...but fools don't differ"

That's a pretty long start.
Sawadee ka. (short and simple)
I am awesome at talking and conversing with myself. Does that mean that I am a person that have a lot of opinion? Ya. I think I do.

What was my point again?
I keep losing track of the thoughts in my head.
I am not weird. I am not queer. I am not odd. I am not strange! I am not an orthodox. - Just keep all these in mind and don't bother trying to find the synonyms of these words. I am not any of these meanings. T Y V M.

 Oh. I remember now. Hello again Singapore! As much as I love traveling. I love Shopping as well. Wow I typed that really fast. Its like I immediately typed shopping straight after traveling. I hate the feeling of coming back from a shopping spree overseas cause you don't know what you bought and you really do not know where all your kachings gone.
The trip was good with the company and all. I am so glad and happy that we girls did not fight at all throughout these 7 days. It is a good thing. How was the trip? I can summarize it in like a few words - I hope. Shopping, Massage, Food, Party, Massage, Shopping, Food. Did I repeat any words? That's practically the 7 days for us in Bkk. 7 days of shopping, ab sol lute ly K I L L E D me! I am not going to shop for the next 1 month. On the 4th day, I gave up on the sight of clothes and wants to puke. I still bought things luh! But. You will know when you're there with 3 other girls and your 7 days itinerary is just one big word - SHOPPING! (inserts a crazy monster shopaholic face there). Fell sick when I was back. I am all well now but still having the throat pains. Work woes. Goodbye.

I still love Bangkok!

I am tired of typing. Back to work folks.
(p.s/ its 5 minutes till work ends.)

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