Monday, April 20, 2009

electric machine !!

The sewing machine is getting on my life !!! Its just like that everything is perfectly normal and fine and it just not sew :( I hate it and I was happily sewing lappy cases yesterday and I promised my boss that I'll bring some over tomorrow and I have got quite a lot of things planned for myself tomorrow. MAN! What am I going to do now??

I am starting the following week.
I am wondering how school is going to be like next term.
I pray for a good term.
Screw the freshiesss haha j.k
I pray for better GPA so I can go to Aussie.
I pray I will be more hardworking.
I wish the food will change for the better.
More Halal food around school Outside school.
We should just buy a halal food guide book!
No Macdonalds!! (even if its McSpicy)

Enjoy the week early freshen up! Freshen up !

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