Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the mother cow

sorry mommy :(
I love you very much and I am so sorry.

mummy made me think a lot! I mean seriously A LOT!
She kept on asking me why would I want to do such a thing when its not even nice and who have taught me to so such a thing. She kept on repeating that its such a dumb thing to do.
She also added having piercings are fine but tattoo is a NO! Especially across my back.

If you are asking about my bolt tatty on my ankle. Yea. I think she knew about it long long ago but did not squeak a sound. Cause she said that I could have just done something small on my ankle or something and that was no big issue but across my back! ABSURD!
:( :( :( :( :(

Soon after a while we started talking again.. and she seemed fine about it.
The funniest thing was she asked. Can it be removed?
and I was like NO? and she's like YA LA THEN?
I didn't know what to say next...

As I said.. it has really got me thinking..
  • Mom said that I couldn't wear anymore barebacks. {cous bry said that too} (OMG like as if I will wear except if IF IF I get married then I would be like a HUH???!! :( :( :( :(
  • and what IF what IF I really do get married and my bf's parents finds out about the tattoo and disagrees? I definitely would leave a BAD BAD BAD impression and would not want to marry someone that hates tattoos SO HATE THEM!
  • She also brought up the future. The future. The world hates the future. What if I regret? What if I don't get my dream job? If I get a 9-5 torturing office sitting job? Functions. Can I go to functions?
  • I told her that I have thought about my future and what I am going to do about it. But seriously, SERIOUSLY have I? MAYBE I'LL JUST NOT GET MARRIED.
I don't think if anyone ones me as well :( therefore I am only married to Yoges on Facebook :( :( :(
Like Rah asked.. if I have got any guy that I am interested in or is interested in me.. I think I have given up all on love.
Love is such a bad word.
: ( :( :(


Evelyn said...

darling..gals with tattoos are not bad gals k? They're an art, not a mark.The world will see it themselves.People will love you the way you are and not judge you by that, you're a lovely gal for christ sake! Esp your future hubby..dump him man if he or his family ever gonna disagree on that!

and dont give up on love darling!
Love is all we need...

CylJoy:// said...

love for my friends :) :)
I know I'll so dump the guy that hates my tattoos :)

I know for sure WE are not bad girls cause YOU HAVE TATTOOS AND I LIKEY YOU :):):)

love love


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