Wednesday, December 10, 2008

effing irritated :(

I was like watching gossip girl season 2 episode 13 part 1 halfway on youtube and when I am done with part 1 which already gets you excited on whats going to happen next.. they removed part 2, 3, 4, and 5 !!!
Plus that videos were of SUPER GOOD QUALITY as if I was watching it straight from the tv!

They said that it was against copyrights.
Oh man what sort of bullshit is that??

Just let this poor people(like me) complete the effing episode before removing it!

ya ya ya.. What IF I am like a few mins/hours earlier I could have completed it.

boohoo :(

I'll let out some shit, to all gossip girl fans out there!
Bart Bass died. :|

I watched EPISODE 13 already!!!!
I want Serena and Dan to go back together and Blair said 'Iloveyou' to Chuck and they maybe together!!! :) I want Aaron myself haha but he's such a bastard. Lily and Rufus are going on a trip together. Elanor Waldof married Aaron's dad and Jenny made Elanor a tweed jacket! :)
GG is just getting better and not failing me anymore.. I like :)

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loeppie said...

Rufus and Liliy aren't going anywhere together. at least not for some romantic reason. Serena and Dan are going to get together, but not for long (again).
Chuck will trade NY for Hongkok (for a montth). When he comes back (with his uncle) he will be even more disturbed then he already was. And Little J is going back to school and kicks Penelope's ass


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