Wednesday, December 31, 2008

love caarr-carrr (:
met up for f♥ts and he♥rt talks.
I suggested Starbucks but NO she suggested PRATA!!!
everyone! My friend Carina Koh is really cool cause she styles for The Nanyang Chronicles and her ideas are just .. "AWEEEEEEEEE-SOMEEEE!!!" - Can't wait to see your first issue Car :)

And I was so full from dinner at home, yet I was so greedy I had to just order a honey paper prata!! Dang!
Its so fast and its exactly 23 hours and 26 minutes to a brand new year!
Welcome 2009!
It just sounds so weird saying 2009.
I wish everyone a brand new start y'all ! ! !
I'll soon post all my shout-outs soon!! Watch this space for your funny quirky pictures!!

no. 1 for the New Year - Dear Joy, please remember to bring your phone out whenever and wherever!!!
no. 2 for the New Year - Pass moi driving before SSDC moves to freaking WOODLANDS!
no. 3 for the New Year - Don't party so much and so hard that I neglect school! - do all tutorials and be more active in school !
no. 4 for the New Year - Eat Less and Save more $$$
no. 5 for the New Year - Plan all my friends birthdays in advance !!!
no. 6 for the New Year - Be more stylish! !
no. 7 for the New Year - Tell me momma and papa about the permanent ink on my skin and ask for another one - WOW asking for trouble only!
no. 8 for the New Year - someone please ♥ ♥ ♥ me !!
no. 9 for the New Year - to LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ God(go to church joy!) and all you people out there no matter if you are the opposite of me, the same as me, not my friend, just an acquaintance, my lover, my hater, my friend, my girlfriends AND MY OHANA ! ! !


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