Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simply blog about what makes you a Singaporean and how people can pick you out from an international crowd from your Uniquely Singaporean qualities.

(secretly: I want the iPod Touch. - This makes me Singaporean cause I am Kiasu* - and I've already used singlish** in my sentence.)

What makes me Singaporean?
I think by trying to enter this competition already makes me part of Singapore and a citizen here in this tiny little red dot whereby others thinks we're in China.

By entering this competition makes me part Singaporean cause I/We like freebiesss!!!

People(Singaporeans) loves to get free gifts. To name a few would be like.. during the festive seasons. Like now, Christmas is just around the corner, I believe everyone somehow have been shopping around for Christmas presents. And I also believe that everyone, be it celebrating christmas or not would like to get FREE christmas wrappers. Us(Singaporeans) would just like to keep the wrappers and at times you see your birthday presents wrapped in christmas wrappers by Robinsons/John Little/Takashimaya/Metro/BHG/OG and what other departmental stores. And if its during the CNY(Chinese New Year) period they would go all around and collect differentr designs of red packet, and it saves from buying.

By being a Singaporean, you just like being contradictory. You love your country but you don't like the ways and acts of the government, vice versa. Singaporeans(us) always love to complain and compare.

How can people distinguish me from an international crowd from my Uniquely Singaporean qualities. Sadly, people can distinguish me and other teens from an international crowd would be the language they use when cursing and swearing. "Ch*e B*i!, L*n J*ao!, KnnbCCB! - an abbrevaited term " would be some words that can distinguish a Singaporean.
or simply, a lah, lor, one, etc.. (Singlish) can make a Singaporean stand out.

I don't know how many people would agree with me. I believe that Singaporeans holds an accent. Its just a factor different from many other countries. Once a particular Singaporean speaks when you are in a foreign country/airport you can just simply point them out; with about 7 out 10 possibility that you are right.

I hope I win this thing : |

Yes, I'm Singaporean! Blog Contest
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*Kiasu - Simply afraid of losing.
**Singlish - terms and words that are not found in the dictionary used by Singaporeans.

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