Friday, December 19, 2008

Mambo Jambo

So I went to Zouk with the girls and we had some Mambo Jambo-ing session.

It was a little weird cause I was somehow a virgin mambo-er . and the actions are all just so cute and adorable!! haha
The only fun song I enjoyed was like the "square-root" song and "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi (yes.. you can mambo to that!!!)

waiting for pictures to be on facebook!! :)
or CHLOEEEE if you see this post them k??

came back 4 in the morning and mom was like waiting. Sorry mom. Went out chrissy shopping with my mother and I bought gifts :) and mom's gift was the fantabulous one!!! But I've just got to wait longer : ( Hopes it arrives before the Thailand trip.

Met coussiee at my crib to do some blessing draw coupons and gift wrapping. (: We're suppose to swim, but coussieee couldn't ): Here comes the fats and the YUMMY STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE darl' made for me.

Met Darl' and Ben to get the yums cheesecake. :) :) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )
cause you make me fat and.. fat!
BEN CAN DRIVE MAN. COOL DOTS. Soon it'll be my turn! : )

Time schedule for the week - rawrrrrrrrrs

Class bbq tomorrow, hopes for everything to be well.
Saturday, last day in Mango, I think.
Family, Korean'08, on Sunday :) Awesome! - FAMILY, please note that there are prizes to be taken home!! :) a BLESSING-DRAW!!!! (in layman terms, lucky draw)
Monday, Chrissy gift shopping with coussie - I think.
and then CHRISTMAS EVE - brother's house ♥ ♥ ♥'ing it!!!
CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSS - maybe Louissyyyyysa's Crib or outing with the best friends! ♥♥♥all my girlfriends!!!
Boxing Day - PRAY that my presents come in the way I want it to be :) and maybe meet TWINNYYYY (I MISS YOU) for sewing sessions!!!! ♥it!
there after... wait and see :)

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