Thursday, February 26, 2009

Animal Frenzy

did I tell you peeps that i had an animal frenzy experience the other day at work?
Omg I bet and believe that its the the MOST MOST MOST embarrassing moment in 2009 be it the others that are going to happen in the fut. :(

you guys know how i am so so so afraid of cats.
if you don't know, you just don't know, don't use it back on me, cause you'll suck after.
so here it goes,
I bet you can like see the process on video in the shop (:$) :( :( :(
you know naughty boy from house of japan.
(anyway, Sherm he misses fatty girl, HAHA, cause he asked about you!!)
he and he's new found friend has got a new buddy, called 'blackjack' as I know.
so who's blackjack? its a fucking kitten! an effing black small tiny chihuahua kitten.
ok so naughty boy is known to take stuffs and IS VERY naughty.
he STUPIDLY asked his friend to put BLACKJACK on the table, WHICH IS SO DIRTY!!!
then after that I kept on telling him no!
and then he wanted the Binoculars!! and I said no!
he fucking asked the owner of that kitten to PUT THE KITTY ON ME!
fuck tard bastard knnbccb! !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$
I was so scared!! I jumped on the chair la and I reviewed the video:| I wish I can delete that few seconds. :(
I was so angry I shouted and was like GET OUT I TELL YOU!!!
and they effing laughed their way out and called me a scadey cat!
Shit man! everyone has fears la! being felinephopic is not a crime!

I wish I can scare him back with something!
next time I'll ... I don't know.. haha can I call the police? it will not be a prank call will it?

and i actually allowed a dog to roam round the shop, some weird girl brought her dog uncomfortable sitting in her cloth tote bag and when her friend carried it, she totally ignored the existence of the dog and carried like there's not freaking creature inside.
BAD BAD BAD I felt so bad for the dog, I allowed her to put the dog on the floor. HAHA
I hope A. Mab won't fire me because of this. They ran over my head cause then the dog took VJM as a playground. Oh anyhow, he/she/it did not lick, pee or shit in the compound, I guess its fine? I don't know why I was not attracted to that puppy/dog, not cute enough? and its ALL BLACK as well. :| haha

Animals and me that day NOT entirely GOOD :(
bad bad bad

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