Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's V-Day !!

Lets call this ♥V-Day - remember your relationship with Joy Chang Day.

(I put this in Facebook notes)
I am going to ask you people to comment on this post. Comment and tell me what you first thought about me or the deepest impression you have of me - the day we first met, the first time you met me, this process of our friendship, etc.

Even if you don't know me, or do not know me well, just comment on what you think, judge this book by its cover! (:
You can say whatever you like..
Compliments, hatred, love, blah..



Anonymous said...

so i'm first? whahah yay! well i reckon its pretty amazing how we could hang out and share our super bad shituations although we spend most of our years in the same school but different class. whahaha i seriously think that you're a super cool chic and i always have heaps of fun when i'm with ya. friends like you are hard to find and i'm so blessed to have you as one :D thanks for being there for me thanks for taking care of me when i'm drunk thanks bringing nothing but joy to me! WHAHAA SO CHEESY! BUT ITS V DAY. so i've got licence to be all cheesy. ily hon and i can't wait to hang out with you again!


Shhhhhh said...

The first time I met you was what? Last May? You looked really fierce and scary. Hahahahahaha. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. We went to Loft right? Ahhhh I miss Loft! AND OF COS! MCSPICY+GREEN TEA!! :D:D Must must must must find time to go there together again okay!! :D

LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU! :D See you soon ok! Meow!

OH! AND MY "BESTFRIEND" TEXTED ME! The one that looks like the dude from Butter. :O

♥SherminL said...

The first time I met you was with BAY GAB & GUO that sisha day. Hahahaa. I thought you were that cute lil chick with that cool vibe around you but you were abit shy (like real). Hahha! Love being your twin very much! Althought you're very weird and stubborn but love you to bits. Tons of memories yeah? (:

your said...

now eyeliner and tattoos and scene kid vibes all! HAHAHA.

CylJoy:// said...

YAY Love you sweet-tards :)
CHloe: omg I miss you miss you miss you!! Remember send me your address aites??? love you!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Party party party soon.

Shhhhh: omg NO WAY! Maybe he thinks you're cool and wants to be back in your good books. HE LOVES YOU and not D anymore haha I LOVE YOU A LOT and am so glad to have met you!!!

Twinny: You have eaten a lot of my life, but you are still loved!! hearts you many la!! :)

Your ( which I think is Janel): no no no no I wish I'm a scenekid - NOT haha no eyeliner la just tattoo :) catch you around!!!

Shhhhhh said...

Yay scene kid


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