Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

So I went out with Sandra today. HAHA
the company was good la, since she was so retarded and funny and I've found out that Hair Extensions are super dupps EXPENSIVE!!!
I want to do them, and I look weird with long hair, contradictions I know, but new look sometimes ain't that bad I guess? HAHA
My head would be like $100 over dollars!! WHERE IN THE WORLD WOULD I GET THE MONEY???? I hate it when everything needs money.
Anyhow, we were so indecisive on watching a movie and kept losing track of time and missing one time slot to another. LOLS
and we ended up at Lido watching the 2130 slot thinking it was 2110 HAHA
We brisk walked and embarrassed ourselves - with Sandra you always embarrass yourself HAHA

Slumdog Millionaire.
" What does it take to find a lost love?"
I'd say, I see why they won 10 Oscars.
I don't know why, the movie was like so trilling for me. It just gives me the jittery, and quizzy feeling when I was watching. Like I would want to know whats happening next, and try to be smart to guess and when I am wrong I got shocked already but there was no shock at all (get what I mean?) haha
The movie is good. I'll give it 4.5 Poppys!
I may not like Salim very much, but I like it that he has a heart at least for his kin, Jamal, and he choose he's own destiny and somehow his brothers. Love it!
I'd want to learn haha just like Mambo heeh.

D. Destiny


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