Thursday, March 19, 2009

Approx. 16km

ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!! - yay! to that!
I went cycling with Tabby on Wednesday(yesterday) !! :) :)
Sure it was tiring but fun :)
Cycle till we can see the control tower of Changi Airport and see planes take off.. how awesome can it get??
Not so when you get super tired and exhausted when traveling back with all the up slopes and eat 4 chicken wings and 2 cups of sugar cane at the hawker centre.
That is when its super NOT awesome!!!
haha but I love cycling with Tabby O :)
love love you and swimming soon yea?

p.s// I've got a super duper BAD watch tan :( - I told my mommy its a free bangle from Above :)
Pictures :

I was like.. I like this bike cause it has Zebra Stripes!!! :) :) :)

and Tab's like, I'm better than before and I try I try to be ah-lianish :)

Can you see the control tower??? OMG COOL BALLZ right??

The paths are never-ending...
Chicken fiesta time!!! :) :( :) :(

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