Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Who said there was going to be a thunderstorm??"


I woke up at 1pm wondering why it isn't raining.
I quickly text Tabby and asked her, WHO SAID THERE WAS GOING TO BE A THUNDERSTORM??"
(I didn't exactly say that I am just exaggerating and trying to make it fit into the blogging style HAHA what style right? haha)
and we both were like I really feel like cycling!!!
So we met up and cycled!!! ECP!!
I thought I was bad.
She was worst! I tell you. OMG
HAHA but I still love you Tabby O - thats her name in my Phonebook HAHA
I had fun, no muscle aches, but a little too quick, nvm next week!!! :)

another form of exercise tomorrow.. ladies night.. :\

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