Monday, March 30, 2009


oh hols hols hols non-jolly hols
I am boring myself out
only driving entertains me and keeps my calendar pack
after this week there won't be any more driving
what can I do
ubin, batam, rendang
when is my money coming in
I want to party like crazy but..
Friends call me out and bff in SG seems ever so busy and missing even though cheer lead is over and bff in AUS is not on when I am on lols
Thank God for Grey's Anatomy
I am dragging myself into not watching Grey's cause if I am done with all the season I am left with nothing to do
Can't you guys be excited and happy and glad and anticipating to be a Year 2 in a month time
When is the timetable coming out
I want a 4 day week again, so I can book driving lessons
Must pass TP Test and get License by July

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