Friday, March 27, 2009

Gusto Cheerleading Sqaud !!!

Cheerleading.. something that I am so NOT into.. BUT all for the BFF!! :>
Sandra and I went down late the other day HAHA cause partying till the early morn :)
(A little late to blog about but I'm only free now haha)

it was pretty fun being their photographer for the day.. which I didn't really help much. oh wells.
I am not posting a lot of pictos here cause.. I've posted 6 freaking albums on FB and I am so tired. HAHA With all the Tags and Tag Requests from this guy called Raymond Lam you're such an assy pussy I tell you Tag like no mother tomorrow BUT its alright HAHAHAHAHHAHA (I'm joking ya? - no hard feelings :)

Cheerobics was pretty exciting! I finanlly get to know that there are like tens and tens of thousands of cheerleads in Singapore !! omg omg omg la

Gusto!! You did well!! I wasn't really a good photographer but I hope you guys enjoyed what I have taken. :\
Fret not that you guys did not win, its not all about winning ya? It was nobody's fault just that everyone was having to much fun performing that they forgot it was a competition :)

Great Job!! Hope to see you Gustos soon! and ALL THE BEST NEXT CHEEROBICS!!! :)


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