Friday, March 27, 2009

Dream Senario Crazy (?)

OMG it was so freaky.
I was with Sa and idk where the hell are we at don't know which party.
E was puking heavily and like a mother cow in the girl's powder room and KM(?) told me not to go in and go to another toilet (?) haha

Somehow, don't know how we were actually invited to this party. Then we were in this room, like a private room with everyone I never imagined I'd be friends with. OMG
and like EC(M) was together with zy and se was there so was zj and we were all against the wall watching a home movie? wth!

I didn't realise EC was there and sitting next to Sa (?) and I was just one person away from zj and his bf (?)

ChS was there but Bs was no where to be seen. ChS was a party drinking mother cow.
We played Mj soon after. As said, EC(M) was together with zy, zy was sitting on M (:() and I was playing sitting next to them. This Mj game was the most retarded one ever! Everyone cheated and it had no rules.

I was so pissed I went to the toilet where I saw KM(?) and she told me not to go in(?) and saw E puking alll over with security securing her HAHA and she wanted to hug me. but I did it invisibly w/o any contact and then she touched me so I was covered with puke (:\)
I then changed toilet and changed but i lost zee clothes OMG - so retarded!!!
Then I was so embarrassed to see EC at shit and blah..
HAHA and idk I was living in this glamourously grand toilet like a bedroom.

all unknown people and weird people except Sa with me. :\ zOMG

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