Monday, March 9, 2009

zhong guo cheng

I went to CHINATOWN yet again ..
and I love it!!
I ate $2 prata sausage thing and Koi Bubble Tea!! :)
ooo I bought leggings too!!
This super nice designy ones (sherm bought it for lulu's b'day), I wanted the grey ones BUT it was like sold out so I just had to buy the same.
The aunty, car and sherm phsyc me into getting it. Oh wells, I like it la :)

enough of like reading my old blog so retarded!!!
still got notes from J written all over every post, when we were like in ♥, then he moved to the USA and blah blah blah.
there was B as well, how I ♥ed it when it was the "honeymoon" period(I call it, then the heartbreak. the biggest heartbreak ever!!!!!!
hahahaha and zhixian's the funnyest!! (aiyo forgot to tell him just now) all the convos we had LOLS and all the things we actually talked about. CRAZY I tell you
had A LOT of funny pictures, zhiguo and bay.
if you were wondering where G was, he is mostly in the other newer blogs. haha

wish me good luck for the IT fair. :\
not cycling tomorrow already :(
cause tab checked the forecast and its said to be raining cats, dogs, monkeys and bi-sai with thunderstorm!!! then we postponed it!

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