Saturday, November 15, 2008

1 week, 7 days, and ???hours

Since I can't sleep why not I do a birthday post for... MYSELF! haha

Friends take note !! (how horrible can I get)
I'd want...
  1. iPod Classic (white) [the least gb I'd be happy, mustafa is cheap]
  2. ZOUKOUT ticket!! (SGD$48 - I want to go but its expensive and ... hole in the pocket)
  3. Tattoo!
  4. Agnes b bag - I want a big one (like a duffle?) I CAN'T FIND an IMAGE!! but you know those black and slouchy kind?
  5. New Phone
  6. A trip to Hong Kong/Japan/Thailand/Aussie-land
  7. Zipper Hoodie - nice graphic/feminine so I can wear it for lectures
and.. DR. MARTENS!!!
these are all that I can think off right now. haha

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