Friday, November 28, 2008

throw all aside and bring fashion in

I bet everyone is hoo-hah-ed about the knowledge that Face Hunter is in Singapore. lols
If you know nuts about face hunter, you IS totally uncool. haha ( no offense )

I was in town today and everyone was like whoo-hah-ed a bit ( its a psychological effect thing ) but still Singaporeans can't dress well. They are shabby and I literally am adding onto that population list with my lazyness. I am not saying about dressing weirdly or whatsoever. It just about having your own style.
**p.s. you don't have to be a fashion/art student to dress well and proper.

and then when I was just viewing all the fashion blogs (face hunter, the sartorialist, copenhagen street style and more (just to name a few) ; the people on the streets.
IT IS SO AMAZING! It may be cause they are "ang-moh(s)" (another psychological effect shit) or like because they are asians living abroad and not in their origin country. Oh peeps! Bullsh*t! It just matters on how you bring up and portray yourself. BUT **Warning! Please DO NOT try so hard that you create your own faux pas.

and the blogs really shows me what it takes to dress up and look SO good to be spotted and picture being posted for the world to see.
and right now I just feel like dressing up all week!! See what it takes to dress up so fashionably in your own particular style, minding your own business and not care what people say for the rest of the week. (I am going to look all the brain juices I have got left - I better think ahead - my time management skills already sucks)

be like :

Credits: Facehunter & The Sartoralist

I will not mention cause I think that lookbook is not very fair and people have their own perspective of dress sense. just allows people to post their favourite and awesomest look (according to them themself) and get hypes from people in the community. However, I think that sometimes, people hype looks because of the photography skill, out of superficiality and not on their outfit. Those with hundreds and hundred of hypes, seriously, sometimes they look REALLY GOOD. But at times, you can't even see that persons outfit besides their top/bottom and he/she gets many hypes cause he/she maybe handsome/pretty and the photograph is well taken. But I still like lookbook. Be it the hypes, people liking your outfit or what nots. It is awesome cause you can just take it as your personal lookbook!


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