Sunday, November 23, 2008

I wished I didn't wish at all. (IMAGE HEAVY!!)

THANKS BESTIE!! I'm Wishing for a bigger tub of Dublin Mudslide. I LOVE YOU for making me pray to a pint of Ben & Jerry's : ) : ) : ) ♥ ♥ ♥

CAN YOU HEAR JOY'S NAME??? (haha we saw the tweeeniess at Forum and it reminded me of gardenias twinnesss you know the chocolate cream-ed ones? heeh)

she loves mrsseet's(do this so no one can google - haha) look alike.

she made me go to the 'PINK' section : (

we're house bunnies ASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

she likes puppets to fight EBELLLLLLL very EVIL!!

rudolf the red nose reindeerrrrr weeeeherrr

I is animal partayer.

♥s you okay? :)

Strawberry tall cake.

yah la 18 and still have not over grown the toys 'r' us height chart : (

♥the brother & sis-in-law♥

they said I can make wishes.


bubblleee bobbbleee

Can you not see the bubbles behind me : (

I forgot to take picture with Chloe and Shawno :( nvm see you 5th Dec : )

'i don't wanna grow up, I want to be a toys 'r' us kid' - literally, word for word.

click here for more : ♥♥♥

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