Friday, November 28, 2008

when dbl O lost all the Os.

nobody stops me when I am partially high.
I play when I play, be serious when its only time too.

toilet madness! Did you know that del literally climbed over the toilet cubicle to open the other door cause this girl was like sleeping inside! hahahhah

Yah and Chloe wore heels! Not fair!

Rock on dudessssss hahahhaha

I like this I don't know why

end of the day: Louisa the soberest (just drank 3 shots with us cause she ♥ her bf!); Chloe got high and then gone when she laid down (7 shots and above); Delyse was like high and even higher then when we left she was seriously gone ( 10 shots and above and a cocktail?); Joy was just freaking fucking high, no puke, little slang(for awhile only!) and photographer cum caretaker (7 shots and 3 cocktails)
Why? Why am I only clubbing when I am 18? haha

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