Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all about moving.

Besides moving blog, I moved room too. Okay, maybe move is wrong. I shifted room. Now this room looks empty and all cause I haven't dump it with dump yet! haha
As some of you friends know, my brother and sis-in-law moved out already.. and now I get ownership of the room. :)

Oh and girls and guys, I made this felt pouch. Apparently, its for my phone, but I was so careless that I forgot to give any allowance... so its too small for my phone. When I put my phone in, I can't button it up :( So whoever that thinks it'll be useful for them, I'll just give it to you!! My hand-sewn pouch! (like anyone would want it)

Plus here is my horrible haircut too, I'm living with it as well as Suzi's mockery. :(haha):


Anonymous said...

i love your writing style!

CylJoy:// said...

Thank You!
You are awesome as well :)


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