Sunday, November 9, 2008

shake it like a polaroid picture


Car-tongtong <3!

Don't you guys just love my polaroid? (I wasted one film today - bye $2.40)
p.s/ I know the polaroids are like not clear.
MY SCANNER IS SHIT! (nope I did not scan it with my scanner) SCANNER IS SHIT because it can't scan. haha I need some software, dad moved it and bla so I don't know what's its problem now la. angry pissed and fustrated.

I want clear polaroid faces!
Wait for tong-tong to send the pictures she taken from her DSLR heeh then heeh heeh maybe it'll be clearer.

Today is awesome!
I started the day off with a meal from IKEA. Bought my corkscrew board. New bedsheet and mom bought chairs plus shower curtains. I ♥ meatballs !!! (what happend to vegan me?)
tong-tong then texted me to go kai-kai!
all walking and talking, maybe I lost no weight cause we ate fried mars bars.
Wisma, Far East Plaza, Paragon, P.S, Bugis, Haji.
Like talking to tong-tong and telling her all my "dirty little secrets" making her laugh her guts out. (tong-tong please don't leak secrets out:)
and wecotton on. + cotton on body.

I miss car. So glad and happy that we trained back again. She teasing us with all the whining and weird craziness she consumes. I ♥♥♥ car; even though she's irritating when she whines. And I like it when she reanacts situations plus talking about how irritated she is about some stuff. She is just so cute and weird which makes her unique! haha :)

I miss twinny sherminny twinoes too. I am not on par with you on being the fatter one dang! haha j.k j.k j.k hearts you when we talk ♥2♥ cause its when I feel that we're like so close; sisters and bestys (so cheesy, bear with me) with given attention to each other. I like to know whats going on with each others life and what's interesting or what nots. You're still so bubbly and hee hee. Many ♥s k? Meet you and make our cases when you're done with your assessments and me turning LEGAL!!!! :) :) :)

Where are you?? Is you okay? I ♥s you too k? You are not rejected!!! :):):) Why did you text me today and then didn't tell me anything else. NVM I'll call you tomorrow.
I ♥ you!
Are you done with exams?? I can't wait. I seriously can't wait to see you on the sixteenth! (screams!!!)
I ♥ you!

and the rest of the world...

OH! I heard from my mommy that my po-po(grandmommy) fell down and cut herself without knowing what happened. If you peeps, do not know my po-po has got Alziemer's Diesease :( so she has like bad memory(if you don't know what that is -(exactly like Grey's mother) goggle it). Here the story goes..
Uncle spotted blood stains on her forehead in between her eyebrows, so he thought it was just a simple scratch that caused the line. Unfortunately, when they were talking, my aunt realised that a part of her fringe is "sticked" to each other like a lump. She got closer to take a look and realised that it was blood, dried blood; so is her entire forehead blocked by her fringe. Aunt, uncle and mom then decided that they should be detectives or like some forensic investigators. (oh! they asked my po-po what happened, she doesn't know SHE FORGOT:(! and she lives alone) They found huge patches of blood stains on the bedsheets and some parts of the floor. (I KNOW SAY: "OMG!!!") They questioned her again. She doesn't know and totally can't remember what happened. According to world assumptions and predictions, they evaluated that she tripped/hit over something hit the corner of the sewing machine and started bleeding. Weirdly, she doesn't feel any pain anywhere. :( :( :(

SIGH!!! I am so worried for po-po. After watching Grey's Anatomy, I think very very far. On how after every fall or when an injury occurs, a person must undergo CT scan! In case of internal bleeding, tumor, etc...

Sigh. She's so stubborn as she doesn't want to move in with any of her sons/daughters. She loves her house and only wants to live there for good.

Dear God, please protect po-po and bless her and her house. May her live in peace alone, watch over her and heal her wound, making sure that there's no other injuries and that this incident will not lead to any other conditions. Thank You God. I know I have been a bad child but watch over po-po. Thank You. ♥ You as I have always. In Your Name, AMEN.

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