Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vegan vegan vegan.

Fine. Google and blah blah Vegan sites says that I am not vegan and have been somewhat "condemning" people who considers themselves vegans whom eats fish. I don't care. I am vegan vegan vegan. I say what I want too and I call myself what I want to be called.
And I've found the term for "vegetarians" that eats fish.
We are called Pesce-Vegetarians (sometimes called Pescetarians)
I'll call myself Pesce-Vegetarian/Pescetarians/Pesce-Vegan and let me explain this title; Pesce-vegetarians eat fish. (Most vegans and lacto-ovo vegetarians(those who don't consume eggs and dairy products) do not, by the way, consider those who eat fish "real" vegetarians --- you see why definitions can create divisions between people? - WHATEVER!)

See! I'm a vegetarian even before it was cool and

I eat Sushi!

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