Monday, January 5, 2009

What were we talking about?

The other day Aunt Mabel(boss), Car and I were like talking on fashion trends.
And we also mentioned about the invisible heels!!
Its either you are too slow, slow or just a tortoise. You have not yet seen the invention of zeeh Invisible Heels.

Shoes are just a form of protection for your pretty feet however, human mankind have already turned it into many different forms and beautifying it even more and more each and every other day. With fashion into mind, fashion labels like Antonio Berardi (what Victoria Beckham wore), Fendi (Nicole Richie), Marc jacobs and Manolo Blahnik.

The High Heeled High Cut Leather boots with invisible heels.
F.Y.I go google victoria beckhams on wearing those invisible heels.
Look and see how she have to held onto by David Beckham and mind you they were half an hour late for the lauch on the day she wore these shoes. She had trouble walking in those killer shoes!!
All for being a fasionsta Mrs. Beckham!

(psst: mind you all these babys are not cheap deals.)

oh and this is a scheduled post!! When this is being posted I'd be at SSDC taking my BTT pray for me :)

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