Saturday, January 17, 2009

everyday I can just talk about school

No pictures at all within these few days.
All I do is school work school work and school work.

Sorry Sherm and Car-car sorry I didn't make it for sleepover tonight I really was very tired and have a lot of work to complete and I was even thinking of bringing my laptop over to your crib to do my work, but I thought it would be too distracting. Sorry k? I see you guys tomorrow lunch/morning aites? Mind me I think I am PMS-ing.

I've got an 'A' for Oral com :)
"Nip and Tuck among teens" - thats right
stats today was _ _ _ _, mind blank. WAIT. I didn't even study.
All I did today in and after school was project after projects.
Oral comm group persuasive discussion went really well and fun ( :
then here comes the "bride" - Sharepoint ) :
Sharepoint is another _ _ _ _ ed one, I spent my entire time after discussion back home and until now to complete so it'd be about 6hours to create "MY PERSONAL WEB PAGE", it was actually boring but after seeing the end result, its pretty fun and entertaining. LOLS.

can't wait for Sunday!!!
Congratulations Suzi's Brother!!! ( :
Wedding wedding wedding ! ! !
and.. its a MALAY WEDDING!!! BEAT THAT!! :)
love it.
I'm so anticipating. Nai please go :|

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