Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pack your room!!

yah yah and I am suppose to go pack my room now.
HAHA I didn't take that picture, it isn't really nice, and to prove it; I didn't bring my cammy out so not much pictoes! | :

it was like shopping an outfit for me for CNY.
I suggested Suntec City...
SUNTEC CITY kinda SUCKS!!! Its like there're not much things for you to buy and like most of it are like gifts and blah or like hairdressing or like appliances. BEAT THAT x! omg
Then we were so sick and tired. We decided to go and eat!
Tonkichi - but it opens only at 6:30pm for dinner. Mom wanted western.
and blah blah blah so long winded story..
We eneded up at Marina Mandarin Hotel's Buffet.
It sure was yummy-licious.
I ate the Sashimi like it was never ending. And we had YU SHENG!! hahaa
(it was so cool cause they gave us this card telling us of all the auspicious words to mummble when lo hei-ing) haha
love it! - I read the english version, the chinese was too ridiculous for my parents, haha and ( :

Headed down to AMK like a rolly polly cause I didn't get to buy anything.
I wanted the Topshop top thing cum tunic cum dress - with very cute details and sleeves.
Mom said it was rather revieling. HAHA
But its so nice.
Went to AMK and bought a 3/4 pants and a satin blouse look rather plain but I think if I pair it up with a pair of heels, I will look rather plain jane cum sophisticated old haggy aunty. But all is well. haha and I think I can wear it for presentations some time soon.
urghh I hate being FAT :(

**and I finally added a shopping tag - believe it!

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