Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm deadbeat now, just came back from the moovies with my brother and sister in law. I love hanging out with them ( : fun couple!
We had steamboat, we love love love eating steamboat!! : )

We watched Passengers staring Anne Hathaway.. it was pretty captivating and it keeps you in great suspense. But not a really awesome film, just find out why yourself, and pray you don't get a chinese speaking aunty sitting behind you. (ask me why, when I see you I tell you how angry I got)
I give it 2.45 stars / 5 !!

no pictures again cause.. I didn't bring my camera out. ) :
Went out when twin though, and Car in the day. Then Car went back home to snooze, twin and I wandered. Sungei was cool, bought a casio watch for 5 bucks and a rather pretty scarf for 1 buck. BEAT THAT!!! x!!!

God, I pray that I am able to wake up and meet you in church. I love you God. See you tomorrow/later in church : )
wedding tomorrow!! anticipating although I'll be going ALONE :(

side-note: at times I wonder if your presence affects how my heart is beating..

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