Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zodiac - OH NO!

Things are looking up. Oxen admire your stamina and ability to undertake hard labor without a whimper or a whinge. This then should be a terrific year for Horses. No interference. No meddling in your business. No directives. However, Ox years are not brilliant for the Horse’s romantic life. You may indeed fall in love this year. And when you fall, you crash. Thunderously.

But this year, the more passion you throw at your chosen significant other, the less the person seems to want to cozy up to you. You can avoid being disappointed in love by simply leaving your hormones at the gate and running the race alone. Your professional picture bodes nothing but success. So long as you apply perpetual elbow grease and show persistence, the Ox will not only stay out of your way, but will applaud you, encourage you and when he can, recommend you highly to any influential people you may need to know in order to advance your career.

Health? Nothing serious or life threatening is visible on the surface. But you really ought to look after yourself better. Horses tend to think they are invincible and rarely, if ever, bother going to doctors or visiting other health practitioners. Avoiding the symptoms you have been living with now for far too long without a medical opinion or two could lead to a chronic illness (or worse) which will stay with you for at least the next dozen Chinese years.

My warning about possible illness is not meant to frighten you, but to keep you on track. You are not exactly what I would call "devil-may-care" about health. But you own the opinion that you are not only self-sufficient and disgustingly healthy, but more or less invincible. Hooray! Confidence of this type is all too scarce in today's world. But isn't it wise to remember that we are all expendable and that you, Horsey are no exception to the rule?

Basically, I don't know why I ever tell you Horse people to DO anything. You are doers by nature and you DO things all the time. Trouble only arises when someone else suggests you do something you don't want to do. You simply will not do anything you do not wish to do. Whatever you undertake, you do well and thoroughly. The way you work when you do work would put even the Ox to shame. But you do what you want, when you want to do it - and only when you feel like it.

Your love life may be static this year. You financial picture however picks up straightaway when the Chinese year begins. You will eventually make some extra money doing something you love to do. It
may be teaching a skill or taking care of someone who is ill or consultant on a startup that's in trouble. But whatever it is, you like doing it and... as with the rest, you are excellent at what you love to do.

Meanwhile, as this year will tend to take up almost all of your time for work projects, make sure you take some time off to nurture your creativity. Paint, sew, cook, sing, dance or write poetry. Without a creative outlet, you tend to go a bit mad and start kicking holes in the stable walls. Use every spare moment to practice doing what you love most.

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