Monday, January 12, 2009

Sawadee ka!

I'm going to post pictures on facebook.

album 1/sawadee '09

album 2/sawadee'09

album 3/sawadee'09

ok so.. everyone knows that I went to Thailand for that super LONG weekend.
(: and let me tell you ..
haha although there was some unhappy moments here and there.. I'm still fine and well. (:
Can you believe it, when I was in Thailand. The weather was cool. Cool as in chili(sp?)/ cold. It wasn't hot at all!! I could like walk around chatuchak with my jacket on!
Plus not even a single drop of sweat dripped off my forehead!!
Believe it or not it was totally amazing!!
Food as usual was good. But this time it was mostly planned by Uncle Jeff's company.
First day at Ho's Kitchen - a Thai Chinese cuisine

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