Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't like to have 2 posts in one day but I posted that at like way past midnight so I guess I am still valid :)

I am so jealous today because some people have friends that care so much and blah. When my 18 was pretty shitty and I didn't receive any good gift besides the point that my loves gave me $$ to tatt which I haven't done yet!
(sorry as soon as I tell momma or maybe just do it then tell? any suggestions?)
anyway back to my point besides not receiving any pretty gifts or any elaborate celebration for being 18 last year Nov.
some people are just receiving gifts from their friends out of the blue without any reasons attached to it and what about me??
Was 18 and now still 18 but nothing durable.
Hate life.

but its better to give than to receive.. : )

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