Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calling out all POLAROID users!!!

Fret not!

Cause I am here to save your Polaroid camera from collecting dust and let you snap more pretty shots of your loved ones!!! :)

Currently I am selling Polariod films!!! ( :

1 pack (10 films) @ $GD 42
2/twin pack (20 films) @ $GD 80
3 pack (30 films) @ $GD 114

*Sorry that its so expensive. Prices are negotiable depending.
**note: all films expire 07/2009
***xtra note: actually expire films are cool! They give you cool effects ;)

if you are interested please e-mail me @, leave a comment with your e-mail
on this post or tag the tag board leaving your e-mail :)

p.s//tell all your Polaroid friends!!!
cause this maybe the last batch of films :)
thanks again.


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